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Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Section 3 The Radians, the 66 Map, and the 340 Code

Section 3

The Radians ,the 66 Map, and the 340 

The Zodiac 340 Map code

This video is a preview of  all the animations and the whole overlay process 

Most of the people I have talked to about this had no problem understanding it. Some couldn't believe no one else hadn't ever noticed some these things before. 
I could make it shorter and easier ,but I can't because all of this has to be here. Later on after more people catch onto it (and they will) I can do shorter articles showing the main stuff and sticking to main points.. I have to show my reasons as well as my work right now.

 First notice the dots in the 340 code.They are shown in the animated example below. The dots are the key to all of this.

       He says the map coupled with the code is how the map is used. The only code you can couple with the map is the 340. He sent a small code along with this hint, Most people say he is talking about this code when he says the map is to be coupled with the code but I say that is was all hints to coupling the 340 with the code. When he sent the 340 code he knew everyone would assume it was like the 408 cipher.  . When you couple something you take two things and make them as one. 

The Zodiac hid clues in his letters. 

He sent this code along with this hint. 

Some say that this code is the code that you have to couple with the map and remember to solve the map zodiac said we had to find something that resembled Radians. I say this code itself is a hint to use the 340 . It is 17 characters wide. Is it so much of stretch to believe that zodiac may have sent another code to use with the map ,and as a joke give us the right clues but have us looking in the wrong places?

The 340 code is the only code that can be coupled with the map. Some may say, " you have no reason to think the map was to be used this way. The Zodiac left no clues telling you to do this.". That picture above says other wise. The clue. A code is to be coupled with the map to find locations and it will involve something looking like radians.   I supplied many clues and reasons. 
But seriously...lets ask ourselves...what on earth would give us any reason to believe that a map would be  used to find locations and places???
Because it is a map.
He split up the map and keys into different letters to confuse us. That was the trick behind it, and all these years you can bet your ass he was laughing about it. In the old days they would send the code and the keys separately and also disguise them as something else if they could. The best code is the one that is right in front if you but you don't even know it is there. 
You already saw proof of scale of the documents in the intro. These are to scale. You could print it out on a full page. Then cut it apart, and overlay the two.

The pic below is a reminder of scale. 1 inch = 6 miles

Here is short animation of the coupling process. People in 1969 could have done this by using projectors , a lit screen, or just a window with the sun shining through it. First you draw the dice on the 340 cipher around the dots (paradice), then overlay it with the map aligning the square on one document with the compass on the other. The Square and Compass.
Here is what the coupling looks like. From now on I want you to think of the 340 code and the map as one thing instead of two separate things

This gives you locations on the Phillips 66 map.

Here is more detail on the whole process. 

Now we begin the first of our overlays "coupling" the 340 and the map into one. You are supposed to draw the dice on the 340 first , but I left these examples clean for study. You just saw an animation that shows the dice along with the overlay and alignment. This will give you a better look at everything. 

The map and the 340 coupled.

Here is the final product. From now on I want you to think of the 340 and the Map as one thing. They are no longer two separate pieces. We coupled them in an overlay. I left this example clean so everyone can see it better.

         Below is a  fade animation that will give you a better look at everything. I am trying to give everyone as much info as I can.

                              In the fade above I want you to notice the mark the Zodiac made on the 340 code. It circles the section of the highway and bridge by San Francisco that the bus bomb diagram keys highlight and match in the overlays.  He was trying to draw our attention to this as you will see.

                                             Look at this dot on the 340 cipher on the overlay.

                                                    It falls on this red dot on the map.

                                                   They are close enough anyway.

                               I think this dot and the dot that falls between the compass/Mt. Diablo
            on the map are used for alignment of the overlay, but it could also mean something else.

        He made the reference to PARADICE several times and mentions it in the Halloween card. He litteraly meant Pair of Dice. Lets draw squares around the dots on the 340 turning them into dice. This can be used for a hidden message in the 340  because they number the 4 quadrants of the code in the order of 0,1,2,3,  The dice  are also how you find something resembling radians. Zodiac said we would find on them.the map and they did indeed involve Mt. Diablo. Here are the dice in the code. You will also see the "v" symbol from the Halloween card embedded in a cluster of dice. I highlighted it.. We could turn this into a board game.

                                                                A still shot

                                 The dice number the four quadrants of the code . They give it an order. This is a solid pattern. The Halloween card was really a clue card. .

                           Looking at this I remember when I was a child. My dad would buy me these puzzle books. I remember these books that where just all grids and dots, but there were 100 different things you could do with them. It was basically 100 different puzzles and games (some were connect the dots based puzzles) that were all based on grids and dots. You can Google that and find a lot of things on it. I wonder if I still have these books. Odds are good because my dad kept things like that and loved books. I will see if I can find them. When he died I went through his house and threw a lot of stuff away.

                                          Paradice..a play on words for Pair of dice.
                                     We over lay and align the Square on the 340 with  the Compass on the map. The square and compass.. This is another reference to the Masons. I would also like to point out that square highlighted in green beside the compass on the map. That is the ONLY square with a dot inside it on the ENTIRE code. It  is a marker for the overlay.

                                It is a marker for the overlay. Par-a-dice = pair of dice.

                                    For more of my stuff on the Zodiac and the Masons
                                                                       click here

                        After we draw the dice we find the "v" symbol on the Halloween card embedded in the dice. A sign telling us this is the correct way to use the code, You can see below they are an exact match. . Notice the Z highlighted in red on the code . This is also a match to the Halloween Card.

                                         You can see the word dice in the example above.

                                                                           Still shot

                                                             The square and compass.
              Other people have been looking at this and finding things that I never saw. If you see anything let me know and I will update it in as soon as I can. I will give him credit for this and name him but I have to ask him tomorrow. This is one of those new discoveries. The Halloween card is nothing but clues. On the card beside the square and compass symbol it says boo.

                           Also on the 340 code in the cluster of dice in the center of the V symboll "square and compass symbol" we find the word "BOO" written. It is actually written twice in this spot . I will let you find the second one. lol

     Richard Grinell, pointed this next part out. On the card above the word "Boo" he wrote 4-teen. Boo is written on the 14th line of the code.


  This shows all the connections between the Halloween card and the 340 code. All but one. It is the biggest and is covered in the section 8.

                                                        Here is what the card looks like closed. Boo inversed.You never know .Someone may see something I didn't. I have to make and example with the outside of the card showing.. I have more to wrote on that but in a different section.


                                                              Study this clue below.

                 To find something resembling radians you must divide the code into 4 quadrants with a cross. You have already seen the clues  and reasons why. The 340 is actually a grid. The center of a grid is called "THE POINT OF ORIGIN". The point of origin falls over Oakland in the overlays. . Draw a line from the point of origin through each dot on the code.. Then take a compass and put the center on the point of origin and the other on a dot. Now draw a complete circle connecting the dots to themselves. You will see 4 concentric circles. I don't believe the circles are important but they could be.  I believe the point of origin could literally be where he originated. Possibly his home town. That is just a guess but if you take it literally then that is what it suggests. Remember we are dealing with codes and important hidden information that could be right in front of you.

                 I found this online.. When I saw it I thought it made an interesting suggestion.So circles could be important.

                  I see that this stuff involved trigonometry. Trigonometry is used for navigation and all this is what you would see in a trigonometry book. The grid, the four numbered quadrants in the grid, the point of origin, the lines coming out from the point of origin ,the radians..all of it.. trigonometry. This is to the teacher that I told, "I would never need this stuff later on in life to why learn it? ". Well played sir,
         Here are some shots from my trigonometry book (which I apparently have to learn....). So their will be updates on that later.

                                                             We have navigation. .

                                                            We have numbered grid quadrants.

                                     I am sure we will be seeing something that looks like this.

                                       Here is the best part. It has a section on RADIANS.

                                                              RADIAN MEASURE,

   So I will be learning all of that because obviously this has something to do with trigonometry. Sometimes you gotta go old school.I will eventually put this radian thing to rest but he could have just been cluing us when he told us about the radians.

                           I believe the 340 is a grid to use the map and find the radians.
         The Zodiac had to use a grid OVERLAY just to make the 340 code and I will prove it right here. I overlayed a grid onto the code.

                           The 340 was not only made with a grid. It is a grid. A grid that was meant to be used with the map and the bomb diagram keys.

      When you overlay the grid onto the code then you can see the 340 is a little crooked. lol
         Th police believed Zodiac usea JC Higgins mofel 80 , 22 caliber pistol in the Jensen/Faraday murders. Of course they can really know until they find the gun, but there are some interesting things about that gun. It came in a kit with two different size barrels. A 4 1/2 and a 6 1/2 inch barrels. Make a note of that. Richard Grinnell found this JC Higgins target that says "best used with 22 long rifle" . The bullets used in the murder. It is the shape of the target itself that interests me. This is probably wild coincidence but who know. Still pretty wild. Here is a link to the article.
                                                                              click here
                                                       Image found my Richard Grinell

                click here Think of that when you read the rest of this. A target over San Francisco.

                            This  animation will show you how to find the radians. They are made by drawing these circles and lines using the dots. I call them radians because that us what they are meant for.


                             The example below will give you a better look at the map.

                       There is something about the lines/radians below . I realized a correlation between them and the zodiac symbols on the code. I show an example a little further on with everything highlighted.

                     The compass on the map are numbered like a clock. In the example above you see the same pattern in the radians until you get to number 7.  Look at the example below. This drawing is from the end of the bus bomb letter. It finishes the pattern for the missing radians in the 340/map overlay with 8,9,10,11 marked with x's along the circle. 1- 12 like a clock or a calender....... or a zodiac. This is a clue that numbers 1 - 7 would be found somewhere else....I found them in the 340/map overlay.

                                                  Lets compare this drawing to the 340/map radians.

                                              Here is a snip I took from an article I found.

                    I think I just showed you how to find the circle you are looking for. The question is what are these lines, this circle, radians, and these dots actually used for. I have a few ideas and will try to explore all of them. I think they have more than one use. I think one of them are to find locations of extreme importance. The places could be the dots themselves. They could also be somewhere along the lines. I know this. The 340 code is used to mark places on the map. Different symbols on the 340 could have different meaning for the places on the map. Of that I am 100 percent positive. The 340 has more than one use. I can promise you that. I don't think there is substitution type code in the 340 , but anything is possible. That doesn't mean I think you should stop looking for one. If you are looking for one then I bet it would have something to do with the numbering of the four quadrants in the order of 0,1,2,3. and transpositioning.
                                                   This is something I made for later experiments I plan to do sometime. I have one on another post that is in the metric system. I remember using the one with the metric system in map reading class in ROTC. This is one I made that is in inches.

                                                       I overlayed  these two images to illustrate what I am trying to say. Sometimes it is hard for me to explain what I mean but a picture is worth a thousand words. It is actually an exact match if you study it closely.  Look at the dots on the drawing above and compare them to lines 1 -7 in the example below. It is the dot pattern repeating again. They are an exact match in their positions. This is proof positive that this drawing was a hint to the radians.

                          It is important to remember that the drawing in the example above came from the end of the bus bomb letter that came with the bus bomb diagram key that we align with line/radians. You are about to see that in the next section. Below is an example of the diagram that came with this drawing overlayed on the radians. One of the dots falls on the exact position on Lake Herman Road where he committed  two murders. It is all about the dots. I just figured something cool out about this. I will do my best to explain it. Later I will do a separate post about it with examples. If you start with December and label all the radians with months like a calender the lines line up with known murder dates. For example Jensen was murdered in December. The very first line "0" is labeled December. That line also falls on Lake Herman. Paul Stine was murdered in October. If you draw a line from the point of origin to Paul Stine's murder site that line would be labeled October. Try it for yourself. I don't know if this is just coincidence or by design. The picture below is an example of the bomb drawing that came with the drawing shown above to illustrate how it is used with the line/radians. You will see all the details on this in a moment. I have a post where I am experimenting with this.


                         Look at the example below. He drew this at the end of  the "Buttons"  letter.
                                          Notice the "0" in the lower left corner and "=13" .

      I wonder why SFPD = 0 is written on the bottom  and =13 is written on the top. It seems like they would have been reversed, I mean how would you write it. Which brings us back to why it the corner torn off. So I flipped them. The example below  is a mirror image of the example above as you can see. I flipped "sfpd" back over.

                                       Now we will take this mirror image and compare it to the 340.

                Notice the where the SFPD would be located on the map. It is in the quadrant labeled "0".
                                If you view the image the way it was made the ) is located in San Francisco in the map.  Hanna Junnila suggested to me that since he put the SFPD where they would be located in the  and he always wrote "zodaic = #" in the upper right hand quadrant maybe something is going on there. There is a lot going on in that quadrant in the overlays. That is where the most action is happening, I will look into this more, Maybe it is where he is located. Ideas like this are good. You have to explore all possibilities.
                He left these clues so we would know we were on the right track to solving the puzzle.

                                                Read this. It is a Section of the "Buttons" letter.
                    After all the overlays are complete it gives us 13 dots on the map. Its not shown here. You will see an example of that shorty. .All 9 zodiac symbols fall on highways. On all the places on that map they could have fell what are the odds of that.
                                There is a correlation between the Zodiac symbols and the radians.

                                         That was like bringing order to apparent chaos.

                   9 Zodiac symbols.Looking at the example above it reminds me of the solar system.

 Some one needs to research unsolved crimes around the areas revealed on the map. I can't. I don't have access to that info, but if I did I would be on it because I really want to know.

                    You will see all 13 of the dots and locations revealed in the overlays shortly.

 We already have 6 locations from the 340 map overlay. To find the other 7 we use the two bomb diagrams as keys. Remember the card the Zodiac sent with a picture of two keys in a Christmas card in 1990. It was a hint to this. One bomb diagram key is also used to reveal a short message hidden in the code that suggests the Zodiac may have kidnapped a girl from one of these places. In his letters he talks about torturing and his basement. I wonder if he was actually kidnapping people and keeping them in his basement? 

                                                   Before we go on check this out
                                      It is partly a  review of what you have just seen,.
                                                   It is also meant to make you think.
            Remember that Paul Stine was murdered in October beside of the Presidio Golf Course. 
  According to the pattern if you draw a line from the point of origin to where Paul Stine was murdered 
that line would be labeled October in the pattern below. The circle is roughly 7 inches in diameter.The image below is a rough approximation. I plan to get more precise with this idea later and do other posts about it. 

                I just realized the line labeled 0  hits 3 attack sites almost perfectly. It hits 2 sites dead on.

                                                              Here are the keys

              The key below gives us locations and is also used to reveal the message on the 340.

                      First the timer of the first bomb diagram  key is aligned with the point of origin on the map and the line/radian in the lower left quadrant. One of these dots falls on the exact murder site on Lake Herman Road where he killed Jensen and Faraday. That was the first date Betty Jensen had ever been allowed to go on. That fact upsets me.

     Here is an animated gif that of the process of the first bomb diagram used in an overlay to reveal locations done with print out models.

                                             Here is the long detailed version of this process.



                                    The drawing of the bus and car are aligned with the section of highway it matches on the map. You will see more about this. The other bomb diagram matches this same section of highway. 


                Notice in this picture that the drawing under the bus matches the highway on the map. 


            This overlay gives us ten dots.  We are only interested in 5 of these dots because there are only 5 dots on the key.


                          The dot marked number 3 in the example above is the location where Betty Jensen and David Faraday were murdered.

                            Here is something I just discovered about one of the bomb diagrams. It has two timers out the sides. One on the right and one on the bottom. I was making an animation and thinking about how when you do the overlays it completes the circuits on the timers on both bomb drawings. Then I thought about that fold I did with the Melvin Belli letter. Then I realized the lines on the bomb drawing are fold lines. One of the folds literally completes the circuit on the bomb diagram. Here is a photo slide of the examples.
                                                                        slide show

                 This fold combined with the radian overlay gives us the three dots in the northern section of the map running through Vallejo and Lake Herman Road.

                                        This fold literally completes the circuit on the bomb drawing. This is more proof that the bomb diagrams were meant to be used with the Zodiac codes and were not meant to depict actual bombs. I can poke so many holes in these bombs it is not even funny. They would have never worked as actual bombs. A car battery could not have lasted for a year. Google why older car batteries go dead over time and when placed near the ground. The example below completes the circuit. I do not know the meaning of this fold yet.

     I also have to point out that the first experiment with the overlays was all done with print outs . I printed that stuff out years ago along with  all kinds of police reports and things. I was making two binders . One with all the letters and one with all the facts. When I printed it out ,I just printed two pages per sheet so I could put them in these little binders . They were never meant to be used like this but when I got the idea a few months ago those were the ones I used. I got the same results with both experiments I did. I promise I am not trying to trick anyone . Everything you have seen is just the way it worked out. Like the dots on the map. I can't help where they are. I just got on Google earth and showed everyone a screen shot of each location plotted on the map and a close up of these locations. I have a separate post showing these locations on Google Earth. I just showed one thing they all had In common . A pattern  Golf courses. I don't know what it means or what happened at these places. I just know they are there.

             The other bomb diagram and aligns with the timer with the compass on the map and rotate to reveal more locations if interest.  In the third position the diagram key matches a section of highway on the map going through San Francisco. In the same exact position it reveals the word "her" on the 340 code as you will see. This match in three places shows that the message I found in the 340 has validity. You will see the section on the message as you scroll down. It says, " I took her , love zodiac" and the same overlays give us locations on the map. In the card he sent with the 340 he said the message would be bad news , but we would not get the news for a while yet. He was playing with us. He had not sent the key to get the message yet so he knew it couldn't be solved. He even suggested he was having fun with us in the same card when he said, " I thought you would need a good laugh." He was the one laughing. I am guessing a girl went missing and probably near one of the locations on the map. I am going to look for info on missing persons in that year around those locations. I can't find much because I don't know where to find records like that. I don't live anywhere near California. 

         Now we take the other bomb key and align it with the compass on the map and rotate to reveal more locations of interest. This is the key we are using for this overlay on the map.

                               Here is an animated gif of the whole process done with print out models.

                                            Here is a digital animation of this process with details .Keep in mind I have to show everything. Later I am going to do smaller posts with just the main points.                                       

                                     Here is a version that I left clean for those who study this stuff

                                    Just a reminder that the scale of these documents is correct

                                          Here is the long detailed version of how I did this.

                                                             1. The First Position

                                        The county line, This is also a camping area.


                                                           2.  The second position

                  Arrows pointing to one of the locations revealed from the 340 map overlay. 

                                                            3. The third position

Notice in this one the bus and car again match the map just like in the other bomb diagram. This match is proof the overlays are the way this was meant to be used.  A and B are two more map points . 


This position also highlights a section of highway in the string of bombs box on the drawing. Something I want to point out. The area this highlights as "string of bombs" is a Naval Armaments Depot. AKA a place where bombs are stored. I am not saying it means anything, but it could.. Who knows.One new interesting thing I have to add in here. This was a threat on a school. The position marked "B" on the map precisely (and I mean exactly) marks a school that was there in 1969 and is still there today. 

I would have found this sooner , but I can only work on this in my free time. I plan to do more investigating on the locations this overlay marks in the future when I have time. To see what I have so far you can click on this link. 

                The image below shows you the section of highway marked by a "string of bombs".

                                                     The original side by sides

                                    The Match between these two documents is proof.

                I want to mention again that the location on the map marked "B" marks a school. The Was there in 1969. I think that is a significant discovery. More research is currently being done on this. To see What I have so far click on this link. The Subliminal Secret of the Zodiac Killer Schematic. 

 Here are all 13 of the dots revealed on the map. I have a post that shows what I found at the locations.                                         


        To see more detail about what i found at these locations and pictures on Google Earth
                                                                   click here

The locations the dots give are mostly golf courses. Some have said I made this up and they could pick out any place they wanted to and make the  dots fit. That is a trick I would like to see. Put your money where your mouth is ;) . I didn't make any thing up or force anything . I just tried it out and this was what I found. Then I shared what I found for anyone who wants to read it. That is all. I have always said if this can be disproved then it needs to be. I encourage people to try this on their own, and to show their work like I have. I wish you the best of luck because I am 100 percent confident. If you disagree that is fine but keep it respectful.  I think the golf courses are his hang outs and the Zodiac symbols could be where the crimes happened. That is just a hunch, but it is a good one and I would research it if I knew where to find that info.  

                                                        Makes you wonder. 

                                                  A brief review of these overlays

                                                The originals done with print outs

                                                     The "My Name Is Cipher"  bomb key

                                                  The originals done with print outs

                            A side by side of the section of highway that both keys match.

                Below is a fade animation of the bomb key overlays for closer study and examination.                                           I got it just a little bit off, but it doesn't really matter. It serves its purpose.

                       You can look all of these up yourself or you can just click on the link below. I                                        looked them all up and supplied close up shots with brief info and history on these areas. 
                                                         To see what I found at these locations
                                                                          click here
                                                        I also added it at the end of this page.

          I  made some high res examples (as high as I can anyway) of the map with the locations marked. So anyone who wants can examine it closer. You never know what a closer look might yield. This first example is just the lines/radians on the map. You should be able to click on these or save them to your computer so you can really zoom in on the map. You can also right click on the image and open in a new tab.

                   Here is an example with the locations marked. If I ever come across a map that shows more detail I will remake these with it, but these show pretty good detail. The locations/dots are marked with stars and the zodiac/compass symbols from the 340/map overlay are marked with zodiac cross symbols. It is kind of like a treasure map. I think that is kind of exciting. I don't know what anyone else thinks. 

         Here is something that some of you might find cool.A few different ways that soldiers hid maps on them.
             They would also hide maps in Monopoly games for German POW's believe it or not. They apparently had a device concealment catalog. I am going to look into this more and see what kind of things I can find that might pertain to this. They even had maps that were invisible until soaked in a certain chemical. What would be a good way of marking these maps without actually marking these maps in case they were found? Overlay masks just like I have just shown to you. 

     What is interesting is how these games were marked to tell the POW's what is was. They were marked by a little red DOT on the free parking SQUARE. This wasn't declassified until 2007.



     Something I want to drill into everyone's head. In the code world ALWAYS pay attention to the                                                                   DOTS!!! 

Here is a site that will tell you a little more on overlays and codes used in the revolutionary war. I think I have a chidcraft book from when I was kid that shows how to send secret messages with overlay masks. I will try to find it one day. 

                                               Here I am going to start posting links to things that relate and will help you understand radians , degrees, how they came about, and known examples of such things. 

                                    An Intuitive Guide to Angles, Degrees, and Radians.



                       Pirates and Revolutionaries.. This site gives all kinds of info on radians. 




                                            I am going to find some maps marked with these just to show known examples.  They are hard to find on the internet but I have seen them in books and movies. 


                          To move on to the next section "The 340 Message" click the link below


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   Table of Contents
Section 1...Intro to the Zodiac Codes

Section 2....The Clues

Section 3.... The Radians, the 66 Map, and the 340 code coupling

Section 4....The 340 Hidden Message

Section 5....The 32 symbol Map Code and JKF WROTE

Section 6.....The Exorcist Letter Puzzle

Section 7....The Zodiac Killer JKF Pattern

Section 8....My Name Is Connect the Dots

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