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Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Section 1 Intro to the Zodiac Killer Codes

Section 1

         The Intro to the Zodiac Killer Codes


                                                      Let's start things with a laugh.


      I don't think anyone will pay me much attention anyway. This post was originally meant for the authorities and who ever could use it, but it is here for anyone who wants to read it. I have to thank all the people who have been so kind to me because their are a few who haven't. Some laughed at me and called me crazy. Well. I can't argue with that.  I am just trying to show people something.  Keep in mind I didn't do this for any personal gain . I just figured something out and I wanted to share it . For better or for worse I was obligated to do so. I am a nobody. Who I am is not important. The only thing that is important is that you read this.  All of this has already been documented with the police. (and that is all I care about) Guys.. I'm not perfect.. I make mistakes too.

By Randall Scott Clemons

                                                             Here is what you will see here.

1. The 340 code/Phillips 66 map coupling. They are overlayed onto each other form 1 piece of the puzzle. 
They reveal hidden locations.

2. The bomb diagram overlays show more hidden things and locations on the map.

3. The Hidden message in the 340 code
4. The answer to the code that came along with the map.

5. The Exorcist letter puzzle.

6. The JKF pattern

7. The "my name is" cipher, and a very possible name hidden in plain sight over 12 times.

           I have to tell you that I type the way I talk. I have to be me because I don't know any other way to be. I wrote this the best way I know. I toned a lot of it down. I have never written anything in my life, but here it is . Here is how this started. It started out with just me posting some discoveries I had made, and I was real messy. Some people had some concerns about certain things so I promised I would go back through it all and polish it up and address those concerns. Well here it is.  I have played with the Zodiac codes here and there over the last five years after a friend and I had heard about them. I did all kinds of research and filled up a few binders full of information. Just something to read and do when I got bored. I decided that the key to solving the 340 cipher and other codes would be hidden in the letters. It only makes sense that he would drop clues here and there that would tell us what to do. If it were me doing it , that is exactly what I would do. I have seen puzzle books like that. I have been into codes, ciphers, hidden messages, and puzzles all my life. I wouldn't call myself an expert but I know a few things on the subject. The Zodiac isn't the first person to ever send codes and hidden messages in letters. It is probably the oldest form of sending secret messages. So I filled a binder full of the letters and codes. Then when I would get bored I would read them. Honestly it is better that any book you can buy on the subject combined with all the police reports and FBI files.It is an unbiased look at it all.  I had tried transposing the 340 in every pattern I could think of then look for a pattern. I would enter my transpositions in software I had to look for patterns. None could be found. I have three notebooks full of these transpositions. It was just something I would do at night before I went to bed or when I was bored. I decided it was not a substitution type code. That was when I decided to get all the info and look for the clues he surely would have left for those who could recognize them.   So for a couple of years all I did was read.. I wrote down things of interest I found in the order I found them and looked for patterns. I made a list of every single pattern I found no matter what it was or how dumb it seemed. Then I went through the codes and wrote down every pattern I found. Then I forgot about it for about a year or a year and a half. Some one taught me something once. Just because your not thinking about a problem doesn't mean your subconscious mind isn't still working on the problem . So I just soaked it all in and waited until something clicked. Then around April of 2014 I got into a discussion with my one of my friends about the Zodiac killer. I started spouting out all this stuff and he wanted me to write an article about it for his page.I am not a writer , but I said what the hell.  So I got all my stuff out and put together an article. Then a discussion ensued about it. It was in that discussion that I figured it out. I just drew boxes around the dots on the 340 cipher and posted to show what I was talking about . That was when I saw the "v" symbol from the Halloween card embedded in the dice I had drawn on the 340 , and at that same time was when I noticed they number the four corners of the code.I had thought about the dice years ago , but I never actually drew them on the code so I never saw the "v" symbol embedded in them. I always did have a feeling that it had something to do with those damn dots. I just never clicked......until that night. I made a few discoveries that night. It was a very exciting week for me. The excitement is gone now. It feels more like work, but from that came all of what you are about to see. I have to thank Mr. Dave Blank of Paranormal World.  If he hadn't motivated me that night this might not have ever happened. All I did was look for the anomalies and patterns. I also prove a some of what you are about to see here. That is the story of how it all started. I never actually expected to get anywhere with it .
              One thing you will learn about me is that I am all about information. So when someone says, "he is not showing this" or he didn't explain that", I am more than happy to provide as much information as I possibly can. That is why this page might seem like a bit of overkill it is also necessary.I could still post twice as much as you will see on this page and the subsections that go with it., and as different concerns from different people pop up it is likely to grow from time to time. The day will come though when I will have to move on and forget about all of this. Part of me didn't want to post all of this on the Internet for the world to share. When people see this or hear about it their first reaction is to think , "he's crazy". I just didn't want to deal with all of the bullshit that comes along with it whether I am right or wrong. I got enough troubles in my life. I played with these codes to relax. I never actually thought I would get anywhere with it. That was why I liked it . I thought it would never end. Have you ever played a really good video game or watched a really good movie then when you beat the game. You get kind of a down feeling because the game is over. You want more. I just didn't want to beat the game if you catch my meaning. That is the best analogy I can come up with.  In the end the part of me that felt I had to post it won out, but I really did just consider keeping my mouth shut about this. Maybe I should have. I already know what some will say, " he's crazy ", " he is just making it up "," he just wants attention ", " etc...,". That's OK...all of that is old news anyway. Sometimes I wonder if I am crazy myself.  I do want attention. I want the attention of the authorities and certain people. If I were just looking for attention then it would be as easy as calling a press conference (which anyone can do) , but that will never happen. I am trying to do something real here.  You just have to look at everything for yourself. Really think about it . Download the letters and go through them yourself. Try these experiments. At least just read this page and think about it.  Then make up your own mind.  You might disagree with parts and that is ok. I think you will find some things hard to deny. I just did the best I could..

              Officer Brian Travis of the Solano County Sheriff's department called me a couple months after I posted this stuff. . He gave me some contact info and asked that anything else I have or may have in the future be sent there. Then he thanked me and sent my stuff to the Napa police. He informed me they have a Zodiac task force who is actively investigating the Zodiac case. So I have to thank the police and Mr. Travis for listening and actually taking the time to look at this. I mean you never know, it might be worth it. He sounded like an intimidating fellow over the phone. So regardless of what anyone else thinks about all of this the authorities did call and all of this has been documented with them.....and that is the only thing that matters.
I don't think anyone will pay me much attention anyway.

            It is always possible somethings could be  wrong , but the odds of all of this being coincidence are astronomical. I am a firm believer in innocence until proven guilty and like I said.. I could be wrong. Also their could be others with asimiliar name that I found.  Either way no good would come of making a big deal out of a possible name. It would either cause an innocent person undue harm, or it would call out a serial killer. Maybe even make him dump possible evidence he might  still possess. So I don't say a name. I just show you the words I found. It is also possible that somewhere here is the missing key that someone else may need for their investigations and studies. I will make a separate post for my speculations and ideas that I had posted here before. They made it way to long and it was confusing people. To anyone who questions my work. You are smart to do so. That just shows that you have sense and don't believe everything you hear. This needs to be questioned, tested,and scrutinized. I encourage it, but be intelligent and respectful about it. It is my hope that people will test it . If any thing comes off as "none professional". Just keep in mind.... I am not a Just try to enjoy it.  When people get to me I just try to stop and think... "at least I'm not, Dick Chaney".



    First let's talk about an overlay mask. An overlay mask is just a sheet that covers a letter or page in a book that has boxes cut out in it. When overlayed onto a key(letter)  it reveals a secret message. In the old days when overlay masks were commonly used the sender would have a key and the recipient would have the same key.  So if the message or code was intercepted it could not be solved.Some would hide the overlay mask in a drawing or a picture(like the Zodiac did) , and send it right along with the key(letter,page number in a book, etc..,).  There are still codes from that era that have never been solved because the keys could not be found. So they would use one mask and send hundreds of codes. I am not saying this as the gospel but it is possible these masks and keys could be used in other places in the letters. The eyes Halloween card could be a key also. In those days invisible ink was used a lot also. One of the clues that a letter had invisible ink or would be used as a code would be that the back of the letters had no writing on them. There are Zodiac letters like that. It just makes me wonder if they were ever checked for invisible ink or something like that.  Another  more possible idea . A book code . That is when you suggest a book like  for example ( the mikado ) and leave a series of numbers for page, word , letter , or some variation there of. It is just a possibility. One more possibility. Dot codes. That is when you write a letter and mark words or letters with small dots . When they are written down in order they form a message. I would like to point out that in a lot of the zodiac letters when he would write his I's he would put the dot over every letter but the actual "I". I haven't had time to look into any of this yet ,but for those who like codes these things might interest you. I will probably look into this when I get some of this other stuff finished and have more time.I have a mountain of work just showing what I have found so far.  Remember... The best kind of code is the one you don't even know exists . One more possible thing to be on the look out for. Dots in letters matching constellations . Particularly Virgo . It's just a possibility and may not be there ,but every Masonic lodge has a depiction of the constellation Virgo in it somewhere. It is just a possibility . . I know dozens of way to hide messages in plain sight . I may have even hid some in this blog as examples. You will never figure it out .  I never heard of the zodiac killer before that movie came out and I just like, Robert Downey Jr . When I found out there were unsolved codes .. Well... Of course I was going to take a shot at it. I love codes and puzzles. I first learned about them in the third grade. I had some really good teachers and they always thought I was never paying attention , but I hung on to every word they said.  I got in trouble a lot.Sometimes still do.  They paddled us in those days. I remember one time in the second grade we were in reading class. The teacher would call on different students to read from the book. When she called on me I was so into the story that I didn't hear her. She assumed I wasn't paying attention , and took me out in the hall then paddled me.  I particularly remember when my third grade teacher taught us about overlays and overlay codes. Also my father was in Mensa so I guess the interest in codes and puzzles just runs in the family. My interest was purely in the codes, not in the man. That being said..... the Zodiac killer was just a man.

            I am hoping most will already be some what familiar with the unsolved Zodiac ciphers. They say that three ciphers remained unsolved. Technically true , but everyone forgets about the puzzle that came with the "Exorcist Letter". I am also going  to show that the 340 cipher is not a cipher. That statement will make a lot mad at me , but I am not going to bullshit myself or anyone else about my opinions just to be a part of the in crowd. That being said , I have been wrong before.  No offense meant to anyone. That does not mean that there couldn't be other things about what I am going to show that I missed . Some one else might be able to see something I didn't see. I am a big fan of team work and putting heads together. 

Here is the most famous of his unsolved codes. 
The 340 
It was named the "340" because it has 340 characters. 

The Zodiac must have had at least some knowledge of psychology. He used misdirection and peoples assumptions against them. Like he used on the two police officers that stopped him the night he murdered Paul Stine. He used their assumptions combined with misdirection and the power of suggestion to walk away a free man that night. He knew everyone would assume this code was like the 408 code. That was the joke behind it all.

Later he sent another code along with a bomb diagram. They call this code the

 My Name Is Cipher

In the letter above he asks if they had cracked the last cipher he sent. He was talking about the 340. It is a joke because the 340 is not a cipher, and couldn't be solved because he hadn't sent the other keys that go along with it yet. Then he offers us a clue in the form of a cipher. 
My name is............................
After I started figuring this stuff out I realized all these dots everywhere so I tried the phrase "conect the dots" on the my name is code and it worked. Then I found three actual connect the dots puzzles , and all 3 spell the same thing. You will see full detail on that as you scroll through this article.  Along with this cipher he sent this bomb diagram shown below. It is the key/mask to finding the hidden message in the 340 code and is also used with the map to show locations.  The map and 340 are meant to be coupled together and the bomb diagrams used as keys.masks when overlayed on the coupling of the 340/map as you will see. 

Like I said, in the letter he asked had if we had cracked the last cipher and gave the "my name is cipher" along with the bomb diagram/key that is aligned with the dots on the 340/map overlay.  This is suggestive that the dots on the 340/map overlay are somehow connected to the "my name is cipher". I found a short hidden  message in the 340 code and hidden locations on the map using that bomb diagram and the 6 dots in the 340 code. It was a joke because the 340 could not have been solved because this bomb diagram is the key to solve it. The other bomb diagram is shown a little later. 

Here are some of the major points you see explained in this article.

1. The dots on the 340 form dice which the zodiac hinted to when he would say "par-a-dice". 
2. The dots on the 340 code mark locations on the map when overlayed and aligned onto it.
3.The dots  form the dice and actually number the four corners of the 340 in order from 0 to 3 giving an order for a hidden message.
3. When that bomb diagram shown above is aligned and rotated with these dots in the order of 0 to 3 it reveals a hidden message possibly about one of the locations on the map, The zodiac said the hidden message would be bad news.
4.The dots also form a connect the dots puzzle. I found a few connect the dots puzzles.  
5.The puzzle that came with the Exorcist letter is just a bunch of ink marks or dots on paper.
6. The most important thing to solve these codes are these dots. That is how I guessed, "conect the dots" for the the "my name is " cipher.

It is important that you remember the bomb diagram you have just seen came with the my name is cipher . He was mixing everything up and giving us the right clues to solve it ,but in the wrong order. He misdirected the clues to confuse us. That was how he had his fun. 

                                             He also sent a map along with another code
                                                                    Here is the
                                                                Phillips 66 Map

                             Zodiac wrote, "is to be set to magnetic north", to make sure we knew
                             that the drawing around Mt. Diablo is a compass. This is important,
                             and you will see why later.

                                                    Here is the code that came with the map
                                                                      Most call it
                                                                   The map code

                                  In the example above he again gives us a good hint, but again misdirected it at this code when he said , " this code coupled with the map". I coupled the 340 code with the map in an overlay. You will see many examples in this blog.

                      Then some years later he offered us another clue and puzzle when he sent what they call the

                                                                             Exorcist Letter

Last but not least we need this bomb drawing. 

This was just a brief intro to the codes and what you will be seeing here.

I am just breaking  it down for ya and giving a brief overview of the bigger picture. The I will have a section for each code and subject . Then at the end of each section I will post a brief review. .

This all looks complicated ,but it is really not. It is really simple stuff. Figuring out what it was is the hardest thing. 
To solve the 340 code and the 66 map all you need are these 4 things. 4 puzzle pieces
I believe this is the "Death Machine". 

                                                   1- 340 cipher
                                                   2- the map
                                                   3- bomb diagram A
                                                   4- bomb diagram B

                         We use those four pieces in a series of overlays which you are about to see. Those are the actual four original print outs I used in the overlays.It doesn't matter how big or how little you do the print outs.  As long as you set your printer to print all copies the same size and use the original scans from the overlays will work. I blew that away though. I have digital overlay examples now.

                          In 1990 the Zodiac sent a Christmas card. With it he sent a picture of a pen and two postal keys. The pen was a reference to the pen card he sent with the 340 code. The two keys were a hint to look for two keys. The bomb diagrams are those two keys. Some say the numbers in the second key could be a little different. I don't know so I will post another image below this one of what I can make out. I don't know that the numbers have any significant meaning, but they very well could. Thank you for bringing that to my attention.

                                     Google has this thing called "auto awesome photo". When you post a bunch of pics that are similar it recognizes them and turn them into an animated gif file. Then it emails it to you. I got a coupe of my animations that way. Here is one it just emailed to me. I didn't make this. The Internet made it on its own. That is kind of scary if you think about it , but pretty f'n wild. Check out the example below. I had to post it . The Zodiac Killer 1990 Secret Pal Card with falling snow.

                    Now some that might worry about scale. Not a big deal. Even it if were off it wouldn't be enough to matter. I am going to show a few examples to put that to rest .
                                               The key on the map. It says 1 inch = 6 miles.

The police rulers on the letters are also one inch. Here is an example posted below.It is even scale to the example above. Get a pencil or a ruler and check it for yourself.

I made this example to make it easier for the reader's to see. 

Later in the digital overlays you will see this ruler on the bottom of the 340 code. It is 3 inches.

                         I  checked these rulers against each other and they were a perfect match. The scale of everything is dead on!! Here is an example below.

I also took the print outs that I did the original experiment with and did some side by side comparisons of those. Below is a side by side of the map and the bomb diagram/map key that I did the original overlays with.  1 inch = 6 miles. They are a perfect match.

                               Lets look at this  letter and the bomb diagram below.

                                                Lets put the rulers from each side by side.

                              The ruler for each letter is dead on.   I don't blame anyone for wondering or questioning it. I would do the same.
                                      I am going to post a few examples for arguments sake and the the next part you read will be the section on the clues the Zodiac sent hinting to how to solve the ciphers. It is an important section so do not skip it!! In fact.. don't skip anything. I am attempting to paint the bigger picture,and you will see it.


I believe that ties that up with a nice little bow. 


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                                                                   Table of Contents
Section 1...Intro to the Zodiac Codes

Section 2....The Clues

Section 3.... The Radians, the 66 Map, and the 340 code coupling

Section 4....The 340 Hidden Message

Section 5....The 32 symbol Map Code and JKF WROTE

Section 6.....The Exorcist Letter Puzzle

Section 7....The Zodiac Killer JKF Pattern

Section 8....My Name Is Connect the Dots Registered & Protected