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Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Section 5 The 32 Symbol Map code and JKF WROTE

Section 5

                                        The code that came with the map animated

                                                                 Here is the  32 code

                     The four quadrants of the map/340 code are also how this puzzle is worked.
                    It is easier to just show it than it is to explain it. Order doesn't really matter. You
                                                  just put one symbol in each quadrant.
                                                             This is called "transposing".


                     Below is an animation to give you a better idea of how the puzzle is worked.
                                             It is worked by following this number pattern so he didn't lie when he said this code had something to do with the map. Because of room and other things I had show you the way I did above, but if you want to stop by my house I can show you.;) It is kind of hard to explain everything the way I would like online.  So I do the best I can.


                                                  It is actually part of the "JKF" pattern
                        but I had to do a separate section dedicated to explaining this puzzle.

      After we get the hint we use the number of characters in the puzzle as a fill in the blanks . This is actually a common form of puzzle. I have seen a few like this in puzzle books and different places over the years. The Zodiac even left us hints to this in his letters.

                                    JFK did write that, but I think    JKF   wrote the Zodiac Ciphers.      

      This puzzle  may give us a hint to his name while at the same time disguising this hint as something else. I always believed he wanted attention and credit for what he did.  I figured he had a box somewhere with all the evidence in it along with a letter that says, "HAHA. I made it this long and you never caught me", that would turn up after his death. That is why I think he is still around. Just my opinion but I am state mine just like everyone else.

The guys at Opord came up with the same solution for this, but they went in a different direction with it.  The fact that two independent sources came to this conclusion separately lends it validity.                                                            To see their work and read their pdf
                                                                        click here

                 The Zodiac was a clever man. He even used misdirection in the solutions to his puzzles. If we figured this puzzle out he may have thought we would stop with the JFK solution.  It is a trade mark with serial killers like this to feel smarter and superior to everyone else, which is why most serial killers do what they do, and it is a form of having control or sometimes revenge. The BTK killer hid his identity and where  he lived in his codes. So I took what this puzzle said literally. JKF WROTE. I Think JKF could be  his initials. That is exactly something that someone like this would do. You will see what I think   is proof of this as you read on. Then I thought," well... If JKF wrote the Zodiac letters then  maybe something he said would fit in this puzzle as a fill in the blanks as well. Something he  boasted and bragged about. Something he thought we would never figure out."
                                                                     JKF    WROTE

                         Some might say when the Zodiac said a code was to be coupled with the map he was talking about this code. He gave us a hint when he made that statement and gave us this code along with it that had 17 characters across like the 340.  You just saw the number pattern with the 340 map coupling works for this code. So it was used with the map. It wouldn't make very much sense to send a secret code and also send the directions along with it on how to work the code. It would make sense to leave hints. You can bet when George Washington sent his secret messages and codes that he didn't send the directions along with it. Hints and riddles about the codes true purpose are another story. So when someone says it was this code and not the 340 that was meant to be used with the map..well.... lol.. think about it . It is called misdirection. The whole point of sending secret codes and messages is getting the people you don't want to solve it to believe it is something else. That is secret message 101 stuff.  So for the people who wanna say when Zodiac said a code was to be coupled with the map that he was talking about this code and not the 340 code...well....that wouldn't be the first time Zodiac has fibbed and mislead people now would it ;) and you all know that. That is the joke behind it.. Think about it . I would have done the exact same thing. More than comes down to common sense...How the hell are you going to couple that code with a map to find locations?  You will see the true importance of this code as you read on . JKF WROTE

          Believe it or not though.. it may not give us locations..this JKF WROTE is very important. I believe they are initials to a name. It still can tells us an area where bombs or something might be.. how you ask.. I solved this because of this number ordering in the 340 map coupling.


                           One character in the code for each Quadrant. You start in the 0 Quadrant. I layed it out in the animation the way I did for practical reasons. People often forget that 0 is the first number. Hell..I do myself. I can finally add this part in now that I broke the main body of work down. I couldn't update it before because the page was so big. Below I numbered each one. I will make another animation and add it in if I have to.

                                                     Whether you work it clockwise or counter really doesn't matter.. The end result is the same. I made another animation to show this. The end result is the same. It is the number order and the 4 qudrants that are the key to it .


                      In the image below I placed each group of characters in the quadrant and order they are supposed to go. It is this number pattern in the 340 map coupling that gives us the order.

              Notice the Quadrant the JKF WROTE is decoded in. You have seen this quadrant before in connection with bombs. I think there could be something in this quadrant, but I really cab't say what right now. In the 0 quadrant you can see the square and compass motif again.

      I find it interesting these two symbols end up beside each other. This is the only time the omega symbol appears in the codes.

      Wouldn't it be interesting if the 340 cipher had another secret in it similar to what you have just seen, A transposition of each symbol from the numbered quadrants in the order of 0,1,2,3, Zodiac sent the 408 cipher in three parts so the quadrant marked 0 may not even be used. It is just an idea. It is something I will check out in the future if someone doesn't beat me to it . It is just a thought , but every thought is worth at least checking out.

                    This quadrant of the map is marked by a string of bombs in the School bus bomb Map overlay.

                Something important is in this area. A few things probably. I don't know if they were actual bombs , but they could be. In my opinion the bomb would bot have worked ( at least the way the Zodiac presented it ) There are too many variables and wet cell car batteries die over time. He said the bomb was meant to be planted for a year before it was activated. Look up the battery thing. Even the batteries we use today go dead over time , and back then they were much worse because of poor insulation. If he had used dry cells it may have been a different story...That is if he actually planted a bomb and tried it the way he described. He said a school bus would break a beam of light setting the bomb off while cars passed by unharmed. What is to stop a big truck or something the size of a school bus form setting it off? It is interesting to note that the area in that overlay marked by the string of bombs is a place where the military stored bombs and things. I have a little more on that somewhere in another section. I don't think there was an actual bomb , but there could have been....and if there  didn't work, but I wouldn't have expected it to the way he described anyway.

             Remember the most important thing about this code is the JKF WROTE. I believe they are initials to a name. In the end... this code was coupled with the map to be solved. It may give an area where a bomb may be or something else. It just wasn't used to find specific locations.

                                                                       READ THIS!!!!
               Now I offer a theory or an Idea about the 340 cipher.. You saw how I transposed the 32 symbol code... If the 340 code is indeed a cipher or maybe even something else... Wouldn't it be interesting if you transposed the 340 by that number patter 0,1,2,3..... and then you found a hidden message or the right order for the substitution code. That is only an idea and I may try transposing it in that order and posting it. If that is a way to find a message then my opinion would be that the lines of code dividing the cipher into 4 quadrants would have to be thrown out  and maybe even the last line of the code... also the symbols used for marking the map or other things may also have to be thrown out. Then they may not have to be..Also the quadrant marked 0 may have to be thrown out.. It is just an idea. I know that some symbols only appear one time in the code and others only a couple of times and that is has 62 different symbols in it .. that is nearly 3 times as many as the alphabet.. All of this is just a possibility but I would like to see someone try anyway. I may try myself from time to time. I do think I will try transposing it with this order.. I tried something similar before but o moved the whole quadrant.. Next time I think I will do it symbol by symbol like I did with the code you have just seen and see what happens.. It is is worth a shot.

                             Something I want to add.. Vallejo has a John F. Kennedy library.

             I found something pretty interesting about this but I can't post it right now. I have to do more research before I jump the gun.

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   Table of Contents
Section 1...Intro to the Zodiac Codes

Section 2....The Clues

Section 3.... The Radians, the 66 Map, and the 340 code coupling

Section 4....The 340 Hidden Message

Section 5....The 32 symbol Map Code and JKF WROTE

Section 6.....The Exorcist Letter Puzzle

Section 7....The Zodiac Killer JKF Pattern

Section 8....My Name Is Connect the Dots Registered & Protected