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Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Section 2 The Clues

Section 2

  Section 2 The Clues

 The Clues on how to solve the codes

First lets look at the clues and hints the Zodiac left telling us how to use these different pieces to solve the riddle. . He did leave many clues, but he also jumbled them up and used misdirection when he would leave a clue to confuse and throw us off. 

First are the letters he sent to  San Francisco journalist, Paul Avery. He spelled his name as Averly. It is a play on words for overlay. 

Notice the L in the name Paul underlining the "AV" in the name so it looks like "lay".
In the pic below It appears that he overlayed a "k" over an "L". I don't know what that is all about except maybe another clue to overlay.Notice in the 340 where he marked out the K and made a "correction" putting a reverse "K" above it. You will see it later. It is also beside the key dice in the 340.
Notice that he didn't capitalize Averly in the example above but he did , Paul. This implies he wasn't using it in the context of a name. He basically said, "HEY PAUL!!! , overlay." 

The Simpsons did a play on words with the name Avery once when Homer played played a guy called Avery Mann who was the super hero "Every Mann". Play on words.. Get it . Its like a name pun. Believe it or not some still will not get it . So here is the definition of "play on words"

Here is another play on words the Zodiac sent with a card.

The Zodiac Killer Dragon Card 

Sorry your ass is draggin. This is called the Dragon Card. 
I wonder why he sent that..hahaha

I used some overlay programs to make different examples in this article. The example below shows one that used almost the exact same play on words for its name. Doesn't it look an awful lot like averly?  I am just illustrating how someone might do this. 

I made this next example to make it easier for you to see it. I pasted a piece of a card from on of the examples above in the photo. 

I think you understand what I am getting at? 

Read the example below

In the pic above he says the map couple with this code will tell you where the bomb is set. This is is a major clue but he also misdirected us by sending another code along with this. . The definition of couple is to connect something , joining them or making them as one.

The only code that could be be coupled with the map is the 340 code.

Below is an example of part of the Halloween card he mailed to , Paul Avery, 

The skeleton sticker on the card is "overlayed" onto it. The v symbol is there to tell use that when we find that symbol on the 340 code that we are on the right track. It is embedded in a cluster of dice. It is also a clue to pay attention to the "dots". Notice the four dots around the "V" symbol. Also Notice the "Z". When you find this symbol on the 340 it is also accompanied with a "Z" beside of it. 

Below is the back of the Halloween card. 

Paradice = pair of dice
Pair a dice is actually how most of us say it when using it in a sentence. Pair'o'dice.. Like a barrel'o'monkeys, but when we say it , it sounds like "barrel a monkeys". When most people say " I need a pair of dice" they actually say " I need a pair a dice" Think about it. I really hope I don't have to comb through YouTube and movies to find examples of people saying it like that to post here,  because I can.  If I have to I will put together a short video of clips that show people saying this( I hope I don't have to), but most people will understand what I am talking about. It is word play. There is the way people are supposed to talk, then there is the way people actually talk. Paradice is a hint for pair of dice which is a hint to pay attention to the dots. 
For now here is an example that illustrates how people use the phrase "pair a dice". At one time there was actually a casino with this name in Las Vegas that was built in the 1930's.

The back of the Halloween card  is a clue to look for a "pair of dice" which we find in the 340 where the "v" symbol on the Halloween card is embedded. The cross is a clue that the 340 is divided into 4 quadrants. I am not the only person who realized that but I did figure out why and how it is divided into 4 quadrants. The dice number the code into 0,1,2,3 giving us an order for a hidden message. 

The pic below was borrowed from Jos Kirps

Jos Kirps also realized the possibility that the 340 cipher was to be divided into four quadrants. I recommend reading his article. 
For more on this check out Jos Kirps

Below is another clue to this and it also tells us to look for radians which I found in the 340 code. He left many clues to this. The Zodiac cross symbol itself is a hint. A cross "OVERLAYED" onto a circle divided into 4 quadrants.

All of these are clues to the radians. The example above is a clue to the number of radians found as you will see in a few minutes.

If you are like me , then you might not know what a radian is. Radians are just angles used to measure a circle. Like pieces of a pizza or a pie. Kind of like hands on a clock... like a calender ........or a zodiac.

Either way to find a radian you have to have a circle. I will show you how to find this circle. 

Even his name "zodiac" is a clue to it all.

The pic below is the card that came with the 340 code. It reads, " sorry I haven't written but I just washed my pen."

What kind of pen would you wash? A pig pen of course. 

A pig pen is also a form of cipher that resemble dice. It is also called the Masonic cipher because it became popular with masons to keep prying eyes away from their going ons. 
Below is an example of a pig pen key.It is one of the most common keys. I want you to pay special attention the the "F" and the "J". It is called a "Pig Pen", because the dots and grids resemble pigs in a pen. "DOTS and GRIDS" You will see why all of this is important. 

The example below illustrates how to make a pig pen cipher key.
This exact key is actually one they show on Wikipedia so I am 
not kidding when I say it is one of the most common. It is even 
on the game "Assassin's Creed". I took a screenshot of this sentence from
Wikipedia where it explains what a pig pen cipher is. It is important because
 the same elements that make a pig pen key are the most important 
elements of the 340 code as I will show you in a bit. The GRID and DOTS.

For more of my research about pigpen ciphers , the Masons,and the Zodiac

I recommend reading that because The masons call the cross hair symbol the Zodiac made famous the "Zodiac Cross". The Masons also call it the "Zodiac Cross" for reason that have nothing to do with the Zodiac killer. They called it that before the Zodiac Killer was ever even thought about. 

Here Is where the Zodiac got his symbol and an example of the original Zodiac cross.It is also called a sun wheel. Kind of like a.....clock. He did not take the name Zodiac because of a watch. The watch took its name from this. For those who might not know. There is a watch called Zodiac that has the zodiac symbol, and some thought he stole his name from the watch. The Zodiac cross is much much older than a watch.. 

The night Paul Stine was murdered he picked his attacker up on ,MASON St. He then took him to Washington and Cherry. Everyone has heard the famous story of George Washington cutting down his fathers cherry tree. Washington was also a famous Mason and his nickname was "The Spy Master" because of his code and secret message sending abilities in the Revolutionary war. Mason street has many secret Masonic secrets about it. To see more on it I am collecting information on it in my Zodiac Killer and the Masons Post. In the movie Zodiac you saw a building being built in the movie not too far from where the Zodiac was picked up at a theater. I am not going into detail about it here, but it is very interesting. I am researching all of that on another post. Something interesting. Ever heard the phrase "Read between the lines"? It comes from George Washington and his spy ring. They would send letters with secret messages written between the sentences of the letters in invisible ink. That is where the phrase "Read between the lines" comes.

The map that came with the code and the "my name is cipher" are similar and connected. In both first you have to figure out the hint then use the number of  characters in each code as a fill in the blanks puzzle.  He even left hints to this. 

The example below is a section from the "Buttons" letter. I think it is a reference to the 340

The pic above makes a suggestion to overlay when he put (on top of everything else) in parenthesis. The word paradice suggests he was talking about the 340 because of the dice found in the code. In the map overlay all 9 of the zodiac symbols fall on highways. The odds of that are astronomical. He talks about torturing his 13 slaves he has waiting for him in par-a-dice. When all the overlays are done it gives us 13 dots on the map. 5 in one bus bomb overlay, 2 in the other and 6 from the 340 dice. 6+2+5 =13. In the pic below he again makes the reference to 13 and there are 13 holes/dots punched out in the card. 
There are also 13 eyes on the Halloween card. This is important for a couple of reasons. You will see why later. The eyes looking through holes are hints telling us to overlay and to find the 13 dots on the map. Even the spider web on the card is a hint to the Radians on the 340 code. The eyes themselves could be an overlay mask for something. I have a few ideas, but they are not posted. 

The symbol on the card is hidden in the Par-a-dice on the 340 code. The dots around the "V" symbol on the card are a clue that it is all about the dots. Paradice is a hint to a "pair of dice". When you draw dice around the dots on the 340 low an behold the "V" symbol appears. 

The square and compass. After you draw dice on the 340 code you then overlay it
on the compass on the map. This overlay is what the next section covers. 

I have more clues but in the interest of keeping it as brief as I can I just posted the biggest ones.  

These are based on the kind of encryption you would find on a battle field. Specifically the American Revolutionary War. They called it "masking". Navy Seals , special forces and spies still use techniques like this today. Lets say you are a soldier on a battlefield like Vietnam or Afghanistan. You have a map but you don't want the locations marked on the map to fall into the wrong hands if you are captured. This is where an overlay mask would be used. You mark the locations on another document disguised as something else (like the 340 code) so if it is captured no one is none the wiser. I am looking for known examples of this to post. I show one example used back in the revolutionary war in the section about the hidden message. You will see it later. I want to show known examples so people will really understand what I am talking about or you could just look it up yourself. There isn't a whole lot about it online but I have military handbooks and things of that nature I am going through. I know for a fact things like this were and still are used to this day.  You would probably find more on it at a library. For now I can post this until I find some better material. 

I will try to site precedence and known examples of similar codes and puzzles when ever I can.
So the clues as I have said are presented in a lot of ways as puns and wordplay. Some may argue that and that is their right but just as an example (which really shouldn't be needed) I found a great one. This man is an artist from San Francisco who has work on the cover of national geographic and the smithsonian. He was working in the 1960s in the area. Now to be clear I am not saying he is the zodiac killer. I am just showing that there were people in the area at the time (mostly artists) who did work with puns and wordplay. It was a thing so anyone who says "well who would do that?" Here is someone.i find it educational in many ways but I just present it to you as an example . One very cool thing about this guy ...he had a good friend who hung out with the Manson family.

I have to edit the videos but they will be uploaded here before the day ends.  

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   Table of Contents
Section 1...Intro to the Zodiac Codes

Section 2....The Clues

Section 3.... The Radians, the 66 Map, and the 340 code coupling

Section 4....The 340 Hidden Message

Section 5....The 32 symbol Map Code and JKF WROTE

Section 6.....The Exorcist Letter Puzzle

Section 7....The Zodiac Killer JKF Pattern

Section 8....My Name Is Connect the Dots Registered & Protected