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Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Section 4 The 340 Hidden Message

Section 4

======================================================================                                                            The 340 message

                                                            The 340 message overlay .

           Again we use this key like we did on the map with the compass. Except we align it with the dice and rotate.We know it rotates because the timer in the other bomb drawing has an arrow.

               The timer turns. When we overlay and align the timer with the dots common sense tells us to turn the timer rotating it over the 340/map overlay , revealing words. A hidden message. 

       The dice that number the quadrants give us the order. We start in quadrant 1 then to go 2 the finish in quadrant 3. Only the last dice in each of the quadrants are used for the message. They number  it.  The rest are meant for numbering the quadrants and giving locations on the map. If you try this with print outs then cut out your boxes.I show both  digital and print out examples here. 

                     These dice number the four quadrants giving us the order of the hidden message.

 This hidden message is revealed by using an overlay mask aligned with the dots and turned along with the numbered quadrants. If you are looking for a substitution type code (if there is one) then I bet it would also have something to with this numbering. Also you may have to throw out all of the symbols used for other purposes like marking locations on the map. This is just and insight. 

      Both documents have a police ruler in each example for scale. The ruler on the bottom of the 340 is 3 inches , and the ruler on the bomb diagram is 1 inch. I have checked them against each other. Below is an example.

                                            We are interested in these three dots. Each one is the dot numbering the quadrant. I checked the others. I didn't find anything. That doesn't mean this can't have more uses.

                                                      The overlay message.
                                         We start at the Crystal Springs Golf  Course.

 I recently found that an unsolved murder of a young girl occurred at this location in 1969. I will add more about it at the end of this post 
                                                                   I took

Original done with print outs

                                              Now we move to Mt. Diablo



Original done with print outs

                                                Then finish at the Fremont Golf Club.


Original done with print outs



Original done with print outs

                               Here is an animation I made of this. I did the best I could anyway. It starts off showing the scale of each document then follow the flag/timer. I have to put this banner here to get your attention. I am one of those people who likes to scan through things myself.


                                                                "I took her, love Zodiac"

                                                See....It is pretty simple once you see how it is worked. It just sounds complicated. What it takes two minutes to show takes two hours to explain. It is is a clear , simple, straight forward message based on a form of cryptography called masking. All the codes combined form a giant one time pad. A code jumble. The context of the message obviously applies to one of these places on this map. Possibly even someone important the police  were looking for at that time.  Masking was really quite popular at one time and is still used today. What makes it so great is that it is impossible to crack and find the hidden message with out the mask. I know people were wanting a big  long complicated message ,but it just isn't there. Besides, the locations and everything else we got from the 340/map overlay is nothing to be scoffed at. Locations people .... LOCATIONS!!!. Think about it.Seriously.. stop right now and think about that for just ten seconds.  The 340/map overlay gives us a few more important things also as you will see.


                                                       This link was added after I created this post.
                                  Some of the info in the rest of this post speaks to this so I am adding it
                            in here. I write new posts about my work but is am putting it here for new people
                        who just ran across this. After I created this post and did more research into these
                     locations I found something truly shocking. I predicted he may have took a girl from one
                  these location because of the message you have just seen. At the very first location
                 marked, the number 1 square I found a  girl had been taken from this place then her body
                dumped and found months later. Here is a link to this article and more info will be added as
               it is discovered. I post my work in real time as I find it. I don't know what I will find when I
               research this stuff. I just do the work and present it to you for you to decide, 

                                                            I took her, luv Zodiac




         The word love is one of the most common ways to end a letter or message just like the word dear is one of the most common ways to begin a letter or message , but Zodiac would never use words like that would he?

                         Some have attacked my use of the word "luv". I am glad they did so I can go ahead and address it . One said the spelling was never used until texting came out a few years ago. Some one also schooled them pretty good on it .Thanx whoever you are. I would give you props if I knew your name. That was impressive.  What about the Chevy Luv truck. I have seen valentines things with the spelling. What about people through history who couldn't spell very good. What about the origins of the word itself. In fact I can prove the spelling was used for a very long time. I can even show it in the dictionary.

                                There is it in black and to speak.. The pronunciation. After all... That is all that matters. I also have to point out that it is a very very common way to end letters and messages.It is actually one of the most common endings. Look it up yourself.  Zodiac did it just to be a smart ass. If he had spelled it as "love" , then it would have been too obvious. It makes perfect sense if you think about it for more than two seconds. On top of all of that one of the things Zodiac was famous for is making puns, and misspelling words just like this all over his letters on purpose. Anyone that has looked at the letters knows that. You have to think about the context of the message also. We found a bunch of locations on the map along with a small message suggesting he took a girl from some where. Who? I have no idea ,but I do think I may have found a hint to a name. It is at the very end of the blog. To further address the claim that "LUV" was never used before texting , I have posted a few common examples of the spelling "LUV" used commonly before the last decade. I can guess that the person that made that statement is right around 20 years old. If he were any older then he would have known the spelling of the word "LUV" is much older than texting. All texting proves is that it is human nature to spell the word "love" as "LUV". In fact..thank you for the texting  example of the use of the word "luv"  :) .  Luv has been spelled like that for centuries, but the biggest clue to it all is... the fact that it is even in the 340 code. The Zodiac himself wrote the letters L , U , and V beside each other in the code. All I did was high light it with an overlay mask the Zodiac sent disguised as a bomb drawing. Keep in mind I PROVED a connection between the drawing and the map in an overlay when it matched the highway running through San Francisco and the timer over the compass. It matched more than one separate point.

              As some one else pointed out the British actually use this spelling. I was just watching the Dead Pool with Clint Eastwood and saw it in the closed captions.

         San Francisco's own Dirty Harry himself(Clint Eastwood) even uses it in this movie while having a conversation with Liam Neeson. These are the actual closed captions from the movie. So the spelling "LUV" was never used before the last decade?

                            I took that picture right off my T.V. I have recently noticed it in all kinds
                             of movies. I am watching one right now that uses it quite frequently called
                            "Peeping Tom"  made in 1960. It is about a serial killer who video tapes
                             women while stabbing them. It is screwed up. I watch these old movies
                             and things because Zodiac got his inspiration for his ideas from somewhere.
                             He may have even got them from an old movie like the one I am watching
                             right now. You never know, I might run across it.  He does reference things
                                                                               like that a lot.

                    If you haven't figured it out by now you can click on images to enlarge them.
             I will do my best to address concerns that anyone may have about anything. That is why
            I had to put this little section in on "LUV".. I am not complaining. It is good that people do that.
                                                It actually helps so I know what things to address.

   I have recently found some unsolved murders in some of these areas. One is the murder of a 9 year old girl in the Crystal Springs Area in 1969. That is the area marked 1 by the dice. I am researching this stuff more and it will all be posted in a separate post. All of this stuff takes time and it is a lot of work .

                                                        Side by Side  of the overlays

                                        The original overlays done with print outs

 There is the bad news. He suggests that he kidnapped a girl from one of the locations revealed on the map.
 NEW!! I recently discovered an unsolved murder of a girl that went missing at the location marked 1 by the dice in the overlays. The Crystal Springs Lake. 9 year old Susan Nason went missing here in 1969. She was missing for two months before they found her body. When they found her body the cause of death was from being hit in the head with a blunt object. He beat her brains out then dumped the body. The Crystal Springs Reservoir was dragged for evidence. When I found this murder I found something else in an unrelated search. I found a timeline with murders of the bay area from the 1930's to 2000. When I got to the Zodiac stuff on the timeline.. guess what I saw.. This unsolved murder right in the middle of the Zodiac murders. Here is a link to where I found this timeline.


                                                            I took her, luv Zodiac.

                        Those that have been watching over the last year know that I said a girl probably went missing at one of the locations marked on this map. I just found her.. Is it possible Zodiac didn't commit this crime?.. of course.. is it possible he is just trying to take credit for it?...of course.. Is it also possible he did commit this crime and this is what the message and the bad news would be.. Hell yes it is. Zodiac threatened to kill school children many times. 4 of the people he attacked were teenagers. I have found things at other locations also. They are mentioned in other posts. 

                 Watch "Turn" "Washington Spies"  on AMC. I just saw a preview of it and they showed and overlay exactly like the kind I have been looking for to show as an example. They called it "masking". You can't find a better example than that.


 That is exactly how they taught us to do it in the 3rd grade at a place called Caney School.(in the early 1980's, not that long after the first Zodiac murders) The best school I ever went to. Except we would draw a picture hiding boxes in it. Then we would write a  letter that goes with the key, or hint to a book and a page number that could also be used with the key. This is old but very effective stuff. It is impossible to solve with out the key. Once the you have the key it can be used over and over with different letters or codes. I looked every damn where for an example of masking like that then it just flashes across the T.V. screen. You honestly wouldn't believe how often things like that happen to me. 

     This masking could run through all of the letters , and if the zodiac had sent more masks he could have used the 340 code to say just about anything he wanted to say....if you had the right mask.... I bet there are more that were either never sent or the public doesn't know about. There is one more possible mask that could be used on the 340 to reveal a hidden message. that I know of. I am not going to say what it is , but you should be able to figure it out. Well... actually 2 to 3 more possible masks that could be used to reveal a hidden message...that I know of... They could also be nothing , but someone who is smarter and more creative than I am might be able to figure it out.. These possible masks are posted in this blog. Like I said..with the right could say just about anything you wanted to say. One thing I am positive about.. Overlays are the way this is worked. I think if this had been realized back in the day that more masks would have been sent. 


                                  Here is a link to one of the most famous masking codes known.
       It is literally one of the only ones you will find on the Internet. It is rather simple and is only 
      limited by the creators imagination. When I try to research on this stuff to find more examples to show you all I usually get back in my searches are stuff that I myself have put on the Internet. It is kind of sad
that the Internet doesn't give this part of history the attention it deserves. Check it out. 


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Section 6.....The Exorcist Letter Puzzle

Section 7....The Zodiac Killer JKF Pattern

Section 8....My Name Is Connect the Dots Registered & Protected