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Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Section 7 The Zodiac Killer JKF Pattern

Section 7

                                                     The  Zodiac Killer  JKF  Pattern
This section will make more sense after you read the next section. It is here to document a pattern.

               This section confuses some people and I am working to try to clear it up as much as I can. This section is here for two reasons. To show a hidden pattern of the letters J , K, and F , and to show that the solution JKF ROTEW to the 32 character code has a high probability of actually being right. I am not the first to notice these letters repeating. Others have done research and articles on the letters K and F repeating. After I figured out JKF WROTE in the 32 character cipher I started noticing that along with the letters and can also find a "J".  This made me pay alot more attention to this pattern and these letters. Then I noticed that "F" is plainly hidden all over the place like in the "V" symbol on the Halloween card. These letters do repeat...that is a fact. As I said I have found others that have also done work on this. Below is an excerpt and a link to an article on about that mentions this pattern. I will probably post a few more examples and links to others work on this in the future. The question is... why are these letters significant? I think they could be initials..............seriously.............. Think about it.


                         Below is the card this refers to. Most call it the "Pace Card". It is 3x5 inches.


                                    I flipped it back over and highlighted a K and an F

              The excerpt from Crime library also mentions the K and F on the exorcist letter which I talked about in the section before this one. Here is an example of this letter. You can clearly see the K and the F.

Of course you saw this in the section above , but you notice the K and F repeating yet again in the 340 code. 

 Below is the symbol on the Halloween card. Once again you can clearly see and F hidden in it in almost a subliminal way. You will also see more on this.

This section will explore this pattern and will show every example I can find of this pattern, and I have a few and may still find more.

                                         Below is the code The Zodiac sent with the map. The 32 character code. 

                                                             JKF ROTEW
                                This is what tipped me off and made me take notice to the letters J. K, F.
                                                  The code that came with the map. 

                                                   Maybe JKF actually wrote the Zodiac letters.

                                               The example below is the "v" symbol on the Halloween card. This is a subliminal logo. I make things like this all the time myself. This particular one give us hints to a few things. First you can see a J hidden in the first part of the symbol. When you connect the two dots below the symbol you can see a "TWO STROKE" k. The zodiac sometimes used a two stroke k in his letters as hints. Then you can plainly see the F in the last part of the symbol. This is also a section ofthe dice hidden inthe 340 code. The dots around it are the clue to the dice also. It also forms the Masonic Square and compass telling us to overlay the square on the 340 over the compass on the map. Keep in mind I proved that there is only one square with a dot in the entire 340 code hinting to the dice and was the marker for the overlay. Square and compass. 

                                                    The Halloween card "V" symbol

                                             Things like that are called "Subliminal" logo's.
                                                    I have one at the end of this article.

                                     Here is a little animation to help you see what I see.

                                               JF hidden in plain sight on the bomb key

                    You can see the J F in the bomb key. When you overlay it with the radians the K appears.         

   The example below is taken from the bus bomb letter. Notice the F that the blue arrow is pointing to. Notice how it looks like a combined J and F. He made special effort to do this. There are a few examples of him doing this but now many. Now notice the F the red arrow is pointing to. That is how he usually wrote his F's.

      The example below was taken from the little list letter.  A line drawn through a J and F  mirroring the circles in the radians in the example  below this one. You can also notice that his F's are not like the ones he made  in the last example you have just seen.

         Here the circle runs though JKF on the code and is mirrored on each side. It also mirrors the example you just saw. Remember the pig pen key I showed earlier. The box with the dot/dice was the J in pig pen code. You will see an example next.

                                 Remember the pig pen key. He left the initials JF in a pig pen code.
                                                     I am just saying that is weird.

       I want you to look at the last symbol in the example below. It also looks like a combined J and F. This example is part of the hidden message in the 340. You will see the full section on the hidden message shortly. I will also talk a little more about this symbol.

                  JKF repeats all over the 340 cipher I cut it into sections. Later I may post  a complete example. 

        The 408 Cipher. The 408 was the first code sent by the Zodiac. He cut it into three pieces and mailed them out one at a time to three different news papers. Mixing them up or jumbling them. Like he did with the 340, map and the keys to solve it. . In the example below  I just showed  examples of JKF running in different directions , but the biggest point is that the character J in the code is the symbol for F. 

                                                  The Exorcist letter puzzle and Halloween card 

                                    The example below is from the pen card that came with the 340 code. Notice the T in the word "thing". You can clearly see the "F" in it. You can also see what could be a "J"  hidden in the the "G". 

The three dots forming a triangle is also a sign of Masons. I have a post on it if anyone wants to know more about Zodiac and the Masons. It talks about a lot more than this. 

             I want to talk about the symbol in the example below for a minute. It is found in the 340 code. You saw in the example above that he clearly hid an F inside the letter T.Why would he do that if not trying to hint to his initials. He didn't do it for no reason. There is a reason.You also saw an example of what looks like a combined J and F in some of the letters he had written. Now look at the example below. 

                                        The symbol is clearly composed of a combined J and F.

                                                              Every artist signs their work.



               I will be doing a little more work and explanation on the above section in the future.

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   Table of Contents
Section 1...Intro to the Zodiac Codes

Section 2....The Clues

Section 3.... The Radians, the 66 Map, and the 340 code coupling

Section 4....The 340 Hidden Message

Section 5....The 32 symbol Map Code and JKF WROTE

Section 6.....The Exorcist Letter Puzzle

Section 7....The Zodiac Killer JKF Pattern

Section 8....My Name Is Connect the Dots Registered & Protected