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Saturday, April 4, 2015

The Subliminal Secret of the Zodiac Killer Schematic


                                     The Subliminal Secret of the Zodiac Killer Schematic

        Click the link below to check out the eBook version with most important aspects of this site and many other things that are not posted anywhere on the internet.


                                                                   by RSC

              This is going to be short and simple.  I am doing some work to break down some of my other work into smaller sections to try to cover some more important points and to make it easier for some to find and read.   In this article I am going to talk about just two documents sent by the Zodiac Killer.  What I show you can not be coincidence. The first document is the Phillps 66 Map sent by the Zodiac killer. The other is a bomb drawing that he mailed along with the "My Name Is Cipher". I am going to prove the size and scale of these documents and then show you that they match each other when one is super imposed or "overlayed" onto the other.

                                               Here is the Phillips 66 Map

   The other document we need for this demonstration is this bomb schematic that came with the my name is cipher.

                          Before I show you the overlay and what they reveal I have to talk about the scale of these two documents and some of the important markings.

                                      Here is the scale marker for the Phillips 66 map.

           It says 1 inch equals 6.4 miles. That means from the 0 tothe 6 on the scale is 1 inch.

       Here is the scale marker for the bomb schematic. It is a San Francisco Police evidence scale marker. It is one inch.


                                                        1 inch equals 6 miles

Now I want to point some key parts of these documents.

First is the compass on the map.

The next is the timer on the bomb schematic.

         These two markers look kind of similar in a way don't they? There location on the two documents are even in about the same positions. When you overlay and align these two markers on these two different documents something very interesting happens. Other parts of the bomb schematic also match the map. It gives us two marked locations and highlights a section of highway with a "string of bombs".

                    Here is an animation of the overlay. It starts with the scale markers on the two documents side by side to prove they are the same size.


      You can say what you want , but the match you just saw is a fact. Think about that for a minute.

                             Here I printed off a copy of the map and drew a timer over the compass and traced a line exactly down the section of highway running through San Francisco to show you what how the bomb drawing was based on this map. I also drew a car and a bus on the highway. That should give you a big clue. Don't they look the same? I will do a side by side and post it on here later.

                                      Here is an overlay of the schematic on Google Earth. Because the maps we use today are much more accurate than the maps back in 1969 it is impossible to match them up perfectly and this drawing was made by tracing the route on the Phillips 66 map. I matched them up the best I could anyway just to give a better idea of where the locations are that this overlay give us.

                            The part of the drawing that looks like a bus and a car on a road next to a hill, is route running through San Francisco. A and B are two marked locations on the map.

                                    Then it also highlights a string of bombs on the map.

                                                  Here is a still shot of the overlay.



     The side by sides are not exactly to scale but they are super close. They are here just so you can study them together. I have the four above grouped together to make it easier for side by side inspection . Ask yourself...Why would he make the drawing vertical, but don't believe me. Believe your own eyes.

        The models below are exactly to scale. They are just for comparison but there are some out there who are actually anal over that kind of thing. Any thing at all they can find to attack.

        This was just something else very interesting I found that I wanted to share. Hope someone finds it useful. This is something that anyone can try for themselves and get the same results. For a lot more in depth info on this you can click on this link.

                            Something new I just discovered while I was working on something else and wanted to add to this. I was looking at this location marked in the picture below.

                                I looked at that intersection again and I found a school there. I did some research and found there was a school at that same address in 1969. I found a reference to the school in a newspaper article from 1969.

                                    Here is a close up of the intersection and the school.

                      Here is a snip that mentions a school at the same address in 1969.

      Here is a snip from a transcript of the newspaper article that mentions the school. You have to buy a membership to view a high resolution image of the actual newspaper article, but I got a small screenshot of it . I am just verifying that a school is at the location and that there was a school there in 1969. Anything beyond that I do not know, but I think I will do more research on the area.

                                        Here is a link to where you can find this information.
                                                     a screenshot of the actual paper.

                  Here are a couple of close up screen shots of the school that is there at present day.

                      I just thought everyone would get a kick out of that. lol. I know those were probably not there in 1969.......but that doesn't mean that something similar couldn't have been there. I don't know what those are for. A game or something? It is a serious question. I guess I will have to look it up because I am curious. I did notice that these are aligned with north ,south, east, and west.

 I just found this school at this marked location and thought it was worth sharing. If I find out more I will post it .

                I know overlays like this have been used throughout history for various reasons. Marking a map through overlays. Actually making a map involves overlays. Just to show it does have validity I found a reference to making an overlay using the tracing of a map. Just to show it was something that was done. I also know it was done in the military. Though you should be able to see that the bomb drawing is a map overlay with out me having to show things like this have been done before.

                                                          one more

              I am just trying to show things like this were done back in the day. I have even done similar things myself in school. I am not going to go into great detail. If you want to know more do google searches on marking map locations using tracing paper or something along those lines. Registered & Protected