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Thursday, June 18, 2015

Batman and the Zodiac Killer

                                                           Batman and the Zodiac Killer

         I can imagine everyone laughing their ass off as soon as they see this and calling me an idiot (lol) , but it might be more probable than you think. If nothing else he had more than likely seen this episode as it was a popular show in his time. . Either way it should be something new and interesting. This was brought to my attention one night by a guy named Gregory Haugevik. He is in the group Zodiac Ciphers ran by I don't know if he was serious or just joking, but I checked it out and I really thought their could be a possibility to this. Gregory is actually a pretty bright fella. So I have to give him credit for this discovery. After he mentioned it I remembered watching this episode when I was younger. I used to come home from school and watch Batman in the evenings. Have you ever seen the old Batman shows with Adam West? In 1967 they aired a three part episode titled "The Zodiac Crimes".

                             Words from a letter sent by the Zodiac describing one of his murders

          This evening I thought I would do a short post on it. I was sitting here watching KickAss and saw the super villain "motherfucker". I know Zodiac had an over active imagination and watched a lot of T.V. and movies. I know he read a lot of books and these things influenced him in some ways. It is obvious by the things he said in his letters. The Most Dangerous Game quotes, The exorcist, To Kill a Mocking Bird and other things. Did, Zodiac imagined himself as a super villain? He did wear a mask like a super villain. He left riddles and puzzles like E. Nigma (the Riddler, and we all know Zodiac was fond of his own riddles and puns) and The Joker in Batman. All I am saying is that it is possible. I am not saying they inspired him to kill, but they may have inspired his persona. I hate it when people blame violence on T.V. , music,and video games. What was the excuse for people killing each other before these things came out. I seriously doubt if someone was sitting around back in the day listening to someone play Green Sleeves or something on a lute and decided they had to kill someone or be violent. It just makes me sick. People are people. There is nothing you can do to stop people from being people. It is a fact though that a Batman episode titled "The Zodiac Crimes"  aired a couple of years before the real life Zodiac Crimes. This should at the least be new, interesting, and possibly entertaining. I also think it may  be valid.

          In this post I am just going to tell you a little about these episodes and show a few interesting parallels. I have to watch all three episodes again and snap screen shots and post them as I go along. First just a little info about the air date and a link to more info about the show on Wikipedia.

 Toward the end I will post what info I can find about the writer Stephen Kandel. Lots of possible research and connections to be done on this.


                     Here is our masked super villain...Zodiac at Lake Berryessa. Comic book style. It is possible Zodiac was into comic books as well. Check out something called " The Holt Comic". I plan to research it later after I get a lot of my other work knocked off.

              I am also going to do research on connections of this show to San Francisco, actors, locations...etc..., I already know quite a few actors and guest actors were from San Francisco, but that is for later.

 Here is a screen shot of the opening scene. I wonder what city these were filmed in? I seriously don't know, but I will look into it.

                                The next scene  features a map which you will see a few more shots of. A MAP!!

                                  The real Zodiac Crimes also feature a map. The Phillips 66 Map.

                                           The Joker then steals this map for is evil dastardly plans. lol

                     He steals the map and says , " This should go well with my star charts".
                  While all of this is going on the Joker is dropping all kinds of "Zodiac" puns.

                          Joker plans to commit 12 crimes based on this map and the zodiac. It reminds me of the pattern I found on the Zodiac Phillips 66 map and 340 coupling. Like when Zodiac said he would drive around all weekend and kill a dozen people.

            Here Batman suggests that Joker may be planning a crime for each sign of the Zodiac. I wonder if he got his idea from a watch? That is a joke, but I do wonder who came up with the idea for this episode. That is something else I plan to look into and add to this post in the future.

               It is about this time that Batman starts deciphering hidden meanings...He says Joker wouldn't come here to steal a "Rare Art Map"..R..A..M....Aries the Ram.. The first sign.....The first Zodiac Crime.

                               Here is a shot of Joker and his minions. Take note of their names.

                         His plan is to terrorize the city and take complete control.. I think the real Zodiac was trying to cause terror to certain demographics of people also. He killed near golf courses and upscale neighborhoods. In the Paul Stine murder one of the police officers remarked this neighborhood was pretty "high end" for this kind of thing.  Maybe he had some kind of grudge or hatred for them. That is just an idea and could be wrong...then it could be right.

                                         Here you can see the map again. It is a central theme.

                                        Here enters the Penguin. Another Super Villain.

            Meanwhile back in Commissioner Gordon's office they study a copy of the map to try to determine where joker will strike next. That is also what I believe believe the map the Zodiac sent was for.

                    Here Joker calls batman and offers him a clue in the form of a riddle. Taurus the bull is next on my show and you will soon be singing a song of whoa. ..Offering clues in the form of hidden riddles and puns.Sound like anyone we  Batman figures out he wasn't really talking about Taurus but Gemini..There is that misdirection I keep saying Zodiac used. Sing a song of whoa was the clue. Joker is after a pair of singers who call themselves "The Twins". Gemini the twins. Here joker offered a clue in the form of a riddle and pun. He also used misdirection to confuse, but he still gave a clue none the less. Now I know a lot of you are saying...Randall ..this isn't real life..this is a T.V. show....The writers for the T.V. show got their ideas from did the Zodiac killer.. Just because it is fiction doesn't make the point any less valid. These are the exact same techniques I keep saying Zodiac used in my other posts. He offers clues in the form of hidden riddles and puns , but also uses misdirection in the hopes of confusing. He is testing his intellect against ours so he can feel superior to us.

                            Here are Gemini the twins. Notice the Zodiac chart in the background.

                             Here is the map again in the background. The central Theme.

          Here the  Joker is bragging about how he gave Batman a real clue, but also used misdirection and in his calculations those "MASKED" mutton heads may have jumped to the wrong conclusions .

                     Here is a short video of this scene showing the Joker bragging about this and feeling superior to Batman because of his use of misdirection while at the same time giving a valid clue. This is the full scene.


 Kind of like when Zodiac said..this code coupled with the map will tell you where the bomb is set. Then he gives us the 32 character code. He gave us a clue by telling us the map was to be coupled with a code (the 340 code) but used misdirection by sending the 32 character code knowing we would jump to the "wrong conclusions". Misdirection.

                              It turns out that Batman Falls for the misdirection and goes after the wrong set of twins because Joker was after this set of twins.

                                  Batman goes after this set of twins falling for Jokers misdirection.

                   In this scene Batman analyzes a wig and leads him to a shop named "Harry's Hair Lair". He said Harry and Bruce Wayne belong to the same golf club and uses that to his advantage to get an address. I just had to throw that in

                 Here we are at Harry's Hair Lair which turns out to be Joker's Lair. Once again you see the map. The central theme.

                                             In this scene when Batman talks to Venus you can see what I think is an Astrolabe, but I will have to look that up to be sure. You can also see various other Zodiac related items.

                          Virgo the Virgin. They find this by using the map and Jokers criminal Zodiac.

        That makes me think of Betty Lou Jensen. She was killed on the first date she was ever allowed to go on. The Virgin. It just makes me think of it. That is all.

       Batman uses this to then predict that Joker will be at the museum and they plan to set a trap. The trick is on them because once again joker uses misdirection to lure Batman into a trap and then brags about his use of misdirection. Venus then throws some kind of knock out powder on then dynamic duo and subdues them.
The episode ends with them being placed on a Zodiac wheel with a giant meteorite hanging above them. Joker then sets a miniature solar system in motion with a Thermite BOMB attached to the planet Saturn. When the solar system turns the thermite will burn through a rope holding the meteorite thereby crushing the caped crusaders.

             Same bat time.....Same bat channel..... sorry I just couldn't resist... but I am going to do a little more research on this and watch the other two episodes to see if there is anything else of interest I can add to this. I think it did a pretty good job of showing a possible place from where he may have gotten ideas..not inspiration....but ideas...and it did a pretty good job of showing what I mean about the use of hidden clues, riddles, and misdirection. More to come later.

                     Something interesting.. The morning he called to talk to Melvin Belli In the Dunbar show.. He called the Oakland P.D. Just interesting.

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