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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

The Zodiac Cross Symbol Locations on the 340 Map Overlay

                                I am going to look up the locations on the 340 map overlay that are marked by the zodiac cross symbols. I will post a screen shot of what ever is located at these places on present day google earth. What ever they may be. I am not going to try to make any connections or present and conclusions ( unsless and obvious one presents itself). This project will not be completed in one night. I am going to take my time and I try to do with everything and add to it here and there as time allows.

                            Here is the 340 map overlay with the Zodiac crosses highlighted.

                             Just for fun I tried to match up the Phillips 66 Map to Google Earth. Google Earth has a nice little overlay function. Maps back then were not as accurate as the satellite images we have today. I got them pretty close but as you can see it is impossible to match exactly. I am going to post a couple of examples just for the hell of it. May be useful later. You can click on the image to enlarge it .

                    This example I made to try to help me in doing this. Don't pay anything marked on it any attention. I will redo this and make a better one later. I had just discovered the overlay function on Google Earth when I made this.

                                                    Here is the first location.

                                                                  Location 1
                                                                   Mt. View

                                               Here I zoom in a little.

Here is a zoom. I use this triangular section of highway as a reference point. 

                                                It falls exactly on this army reserve center. You can look this up for yourself. I am just going to point out the most obvious land marks at the locations where these points fall....what ever they may be.....if any..When I have more time I am going to see what all I can find out about these places.

                                                      The 63rd "RSC"

                    That is all the info I feel like looking up on it tonight. I am going to post one more thing here jut because it is interesting and may be useful later. (or it may not be , who knows). I will do a little more research and double check this stuff a little later.


                                                                     Location 2

                                                                    RedWood City

                                                                  Let's get a little closer.

                               Here is a couple of shots of the area I am going to use for study purposes. I will find about more about this area in the future. My first goal is just to list the areas first , but if I should run acorrs something that looks interesting right off I will include it.


                                                                             Location 3

                                                                 San Mateo....again?

                                  I have seen this location before. The same spot is marked when you do the bus bomb schematic overlay with the map as shown below.

                                                                   To check that out click here

                 Here are a few shots of the area anyway. I think this area definitely warrants more research.

                      This is the area that is marked but it could also be something in the area that is important. He might have planned or even had activity somewhere in this area.

                                          He marked this intersection twice. I just found out ..That bomb drawing I posted a few minutes ago.. and this location... Mark an elementary school!!! Don't know the history behind the school or how long it was there yet but I found an alumni of the school from the 1950's. I here are some screen shots and what little history I can find on the school right now.

                       I did a little digging on this school This particular school, FGES , opened in 1993 , but in 1969 at this same address was a school called...FGS... Fiesta Gardens School. I found a newspaper article from 1969 that mentioned the school at this address. My goal was just to verify the school was there in 1969..and it was. Later I will see what else I can possibly dig up about it. I am going to post a few things as proof the school was here.


They have the actual newspaper pages on that site. I think I will be using this site a lot in the future. Now that all of that is out of the way let's take a good look at this school. I have to show this. You will laugh. I know it probably wasn't like this in 1969, but it makes me ask. Are those things in the parking lot for some kind of game? It is just something I have never seen before. You have to admit.... what the hell? lol

                         I am not saying these have anything to do with anything , but notice the compass in this next picture. They are aligned with the four directions. Just something I wanted to point out. I wonder why? That is a serious question.

 I am going to do more research on this area and see if I can find any evidence of anything ever happening here, but that is for later.

           I found some stuff out about the designs in the photo. The smaller ones are a spin off of foursquare.
                       That's a game I haven't thought about in a long time. It is also an old game.

                     Which I guess means it is possible things like that were at this location back in 69. I am not saying it means anything. I am not saying it doesn't mean anything either. That is part of my question answered. Now to see if i can find out anything on the bigger designs.

            I found a game called beanbag in the bucket. If I run across anymore of this stuff I will add it .


                                                               On to the next location.

                                                                         Location 4



It appears that a college, maybe a park, and a couple of residential areas are in this location. 

Looks like once again I have connected the Zodiac Killer to the Gypy Hill murders and the San Matio Slasher. I think these locations were not only where crimes may have occurred but where he planned to commit crimes.. His hunting grounds. 


                                   The gypsy Hill killer dumped the body;s on a golf course. The dot locations on the pverlays correspond to golf courses and all of the Zodiac murders beside of or on golf courses. Lake Berryessa is surrounded by golf courses. I circles the golf course in the image below. Look up the Gypsy Hill murders for yourself. They were never solved and they recently made a new break in that case and connected it to an out of state murder. I think they are by the same fellow or possibly fellows.  Just my opinion. That is why I look this stuff up. To find out for myself which is what I urge everyone to do. Don't just take mt word for this stuff. Look it up for yourself. See what you find. You might see something I missed.
             Dumped on the 18th hole. There were 5 known murders in this area by the serial killer.

          In 2014 an man was stabbed and his body was dumped on the 18th hole. It was kind of a copy cat murder. They arrested a 16 year old who later confessed to the crime. From what I read the victim was special needs and well thought of by the community. Someone tells me they may have arrested the San Mateo Slasher. I will look into it. Still...Zodiac could have been responsible for a murder in this area. Then he nay not have been.  I looked and didn't see anything about them arresting him, but I know they have new evidence in the case. They may still be working on it . You can search it and see if you find anything. Research,research, more in the future.
My friend sent me some links to article that talk about the arrest of thus guy. I am going to link them here. His name is Rodney Halbower. Which is weird because the initials found on that desk carving in riverside were RH. I have ideas about it, but it is too soon to get into them. Good information though. Thanks Gregory. The article says he has been charged with two of the murders and linked to other murders out of state. It is interesting . They were 5 murders in that area. They also said his DNA was linked to "some" of the murders. Only two of the women were reported to be raped. It makes me wonder about a lot of things. Here is the links to those articles of the arrest of the this guy and the stuff I just mentioned.

I want to put this screen shot from this article in here.. I talks about the 5 murders. Keep in mind only 2 were reported to be raped. I want you to pay special attention to the one found on Gypsy Hill Road. That is the about exact location marked on this  map. Also pay attention to the woman killed in her car in a parking lot.. a lot like a zodiac murder. I have a whole bunch of "what ifs" but I am going t to keep them  to myself. lol. All I can do is list the information. Keep in mind.. this guy was a rapist. Unless he confesses or they link him they're still other options on the table.

                 I would still like to know more about this guy. Who he was....his life story.

                                                                           Location 5.
         The location marked "A" also falls near this marked location. So it is basically marked twice. I need to do more research on both of them to see what else I can find. They may be linked.

                                                                      Lets zoom in a little closer.

    Here is just a quick zoom to show this is the area highlighted. More research will have to be done on it , but I will do a quick Google search to see if anything obvious pops up .

                        Right off I didn't see anything in a quick Google search, but I really need to dedicate a few days to each location. This did pop up in my search. A timeline of famous murders in California. I will research each location in detail later and also study this timeline. This timeline alone with a couple of others I found could be very very useful.

          I did find this about Mt. Davidson Park. It is the park right next to it. I just thought it was funny(lol), but as you can see there is still plenty to research.

                                                                      Location 6

                                                                       El Cerrito

                                                                      Zoom in a little closer

              I will do more research on it later. I want to finish listing the other three locations before I finish my work tonight. I will look into them later.

                                                                        Location 7


                First...This area is also highlighted on the bus bomb overlay with a "string of bombs".  It is also near one of the dotted locations on the 340 map overlay. So this is one of those locations that should be interesting. It is also possible that Zodiac thought someone would figure this overlay out (because to me it is obvious) and he is completely full of it and it is nothing more than a wild goose chase. I guess only research will tell.

 I have been curious about this location myself so I might do just a little research on it before I call it a night.
 What I like about the way I do things is that you find out as I find out . So no one can claim I tried to work anything to fit my theories. I actually don't really have any. I just list the information as I find it for others whom it may be useful to. Later after I study the information I list I might form a few ideas, but you find out as I find out.

Here is an image zoomed in a little closer. I will have to study the area in xome detail in the future and update the post.

                     With just a quick search I found out there have been murders in this area. I will have to look into them when I have more time. One interesting one I want to post that is not Zodiac related, but just....messed up...Read this that is screwed up. I just don't get some people.

           This whole area here is connected to the military. You can get on google earth and see all the different things labeled. One of the dots on the 340 map overlay mark this place. The golf course and Naval war memorial. It is also a Naval Weapons Station.

                                                port chicago naval magazine memorial

                     I think it is funny this place is marked by a string of bombs and the Navy stores weapons here. There are also two at the war memorial itself. I have a lot of research to do on this.. It could take years,

               As it turns out this place was...blown up by bombs... the string of bombs could be some kind of reference to this event. this tragedy actually helped for the desegregation of the military.

      Interesting...that link says this place is also a national park. The memorial was administrated by the national park service. It didn't become and official part of it until 2009. It is only accessible to the public through guided tours.

          I would like to know the names of everyone involved. Could be a relative in there somewhere.


                                      A shot of the place after the bombs went off. They said it was heard as far away as Nevada.

                                 This area is marked 3 times. There is probably some connection in this area or something here we need to see.

 I did find a murder in this area....and someone had already linked it to the zodiac killer.


                                                              The Mt. Diablo Locations

                         We can zoom in and see what is at these places.. Like the summit of Mt. Diablo

                                                                        Location 8
                                         This is the first of two locations that fall around Mt. Diablo

 It says Michigan Territory  Road but has been renamed to John Marsh Heritage road.

This is the guy the road was renamed after.

More to come on this later

Location 9

                                           Stone Valley, Black Hills, We know it is Mt. Diablo

             It marks more around this area somewhere but keep in mind it could just be the general area. Thisis Danville, California. I did a quick search and saw a couple of interesting things. I have to read them first before I post anything. So muhc stuff that at times it seems over whelming.

                                     More details to come on these locations as I research them.
       It is hard to search this stuff and find new things without Zodiac Killer stuff popping up. I noticed in one of his letters he capitalized "Twisted Shoes" like it was the name of something. When I try to search it all I find is Zodiac Killer stuff mostly. lol.. So keep your eyes open. It might be the name of something or a bar or a horse or some thing like that. It was just a thought and we will never know until we look.

                                                            Murder Site Information

  This  is just a place for me to list links and other information on murders and other crimes in the Bay Area for later use. I am going to cross reference this with other information to see If I might find anything new.

                                                                      Murder Map 1

                                                                    Murder Map 2

                                                                 Murder Map 3


                                                                      Murder Map 4


 The map above I have seen before. I found it again today on a Zodiac Killer site. This is more around our timeline , but keep in mind that the murders I am looking for didn't have to happen in 69. The locations on the map marked in the overlays could have happened at anytime. I also have found timelines for murders on sites like and other places. I also have a list of other murders. I need to compile all of this information and study it . I already see that places marked in the overlay are also marked in the map above.
I need murders in the surrounding areas also. Not just San Francisco. Sounds like a hell of a lot of work and study to me. It will take time , but it has to start somewhere.

                                                         Links to murder timelines


  I guess I have to use this information, Google earth, the Zodiac Killer overlays, and make a map of possible murders or crimes in the marked locations. I also need to research other crimes, where they occurred, and when they occurred to see if the symbols on the 340 may have other possible meanings at the different locations they mark. Registered & Protected