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Wednesday, July 22, 2015

The Original Zodiac Killer Halloween Card

                                             The Original Zodiac Killer Halloween Card

         There are two examples of the Zodiac Killer Halloween Card sent to journalist Paul Avery (that are known at least). One is an original black and white scan the other is a movie made replica. God only knows where the original card itself is.The movie made replica is perfect as far as color goes , but it is different from the original in that it has been cropped and enlarged. Some may wonder why this is important , but I have shown that the size of these documents could be very important as they could be overlay masking keys. I believe the eyes in the card could be a key for something or the card itself may be important for something, but the size and scale of the card has to be right. So Now I give you a third example of the card. A colored original. Original at least in the sense that all I did was take a black and white original scan of the card and color it . I also provided a proof of scale mark on the card. To see how the size and scale was determined you can click this link .


          In a few of my posts I talk about the differences between the replica and the original. To see more about that you can click this link .

                       Below is an image of the replica card made for the movie "Zodiac"

                Below is an image of the original black and white scan. At first glance you would think they are identical , but they are not. There is actually quite a bit of difference between the two. The size and scale are all wrong and part of the original card is missing in the replica. So I used the colors from the replica and added them to the image below.

                              Here is the end result. An original color Zodiac Killer Halloween Card.
                      ( I would like to do a little more detail work on this so it may be updated later)

                                                       Here is a fade from black and white to color.

                                This is what the original unaltered card would have looked least as far as I know from what research i have done.

                                                                     Fade animation

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