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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Zodiac Killer 340 Cipher Scale

                                                     Zodiac Killer 340 Cipher Scale
                                                                 by RSC

          This is just a short post to clear up and questions about the scale of the Zodiac 340 Cipher.

          I am going to start by first posting a high resolution scan of the 340 cipher.

                             Here is the proof of scale at the bottom of the document.

                                                             It is 3 inches.

    I am going to measure it just for the hell of it . You never know when it might come in useful or if someone else may find it useful.

             I found this in reference to the size of the 340 cipher on a forum and snipped it.

                                                        Here is a link to this site.

             He states the paper size is 7.25 inches by 10.5 inches.. He is correct. Thanks to Richard Grinell and I have found more information on the letter scales and info on the paper. I have looked for this fora while. He sent me a link to this website.


                                                Below is a snip from this website.


            First here is the scale marker on the 340 code document matched against a ruler showing it is three inches.

                                     Here is a full measurement on the document.

                                         This example measures just the code itself.

                             I am going to post two more examples in the metric scale. Registered & Protected