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Monday, May 26, 2014

The Story of the Zodiac Killer in Color

                                                               This page is part of

Work in progress. This may take years to complete. 

                             What I want to do here has never been done before and it is a lot of work. I want to collect images to post along with the story. Just about every image connected with this is black an white. I am changing that. Soon you will see a lot of them in 3D. With these new images along with police reports, short video interviews, and the story.. When it is finished it should be a pretty good post. I am also working on more in depth sections of each victim. Links will be posted to each one along with the story. IT is a lot of work and will take a while. It is starting to come together and I plan to do more writing over the coming winter months.



                                                   I am working on some different scenes. These are just a couple of many many I have made and tried out . I like to do many different things then choose what I like the best. As I finsih and polish up my posts some will be taken off.

By Randall Scott Clemons                          

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                              I have been taking some of these old black and white images and turning them into color. It will take a while but I think I will do a couple a week and then try to do more as I do more posts in the future. I plan to keep adding to this little by little and eventually build up a good story and do something the like you have never seen before. I also plan to put in video and audio clips of certain things here and there that add to the story. This will take a while to complete , but I add something somewhere every single day. This good get to be pretty big , but that is ok ;) .

              It occurred to me that some of you may be looking at these codes and not really know what it is all about . So i thought I would tell you in my own words and  in my own way the best i can. At least the way i see things ,but i will state nothing but the facts as i know them. Keep in mind I am not a writer so I am just winging it.  This might take a few sessions to complete so sit back and relax and i will tell you a story of the boogey man.

                                               Here is a list of the known crimes and their dates
                       1.  10-30-1966---------Cheri Jo Bates. Stabbed outside of the Riverside City College
                            Library. She may or may not have been an actual Zodiac victim.

                       2. 12-20-1968------- David Faraday age 17, and Betty Lou Jensen age 16
                             Both were shot on Lake Herman Road.

                      3.  7-4-1969 ----------   Micheal Mageau age 19, and  Darlene Ferrin age 22
                            Both were shot in a parking lot at Blue Rock Springs. Micheal survived the attack.
                            I wish I could talk to him for about 30 minutes or so.

                     4. 9-27-1969-------- Bryan Hartnell age 20 and, Cecelia Shepard age 22
                              Both were bound and stabbed at Lake Berryessa in Napa. Bryan survived
                            The attack

                    5. 10-11-1969-------- Paul Stine age 29 . Shot at the corner of Washington St. And Cherry                              St. while in his taxi cab. He did not survive the attack.                                  

             Now I will try to tell the whole story in the order by the date they occurred. Their are a few more "suspected" victims , but I am not going to get into that. I will also show and talk about the letters in the order that they play into this story. I will also show a few police reports here and there. I like reading things like that so I assume their are others out there who do also. I was going to just do a little brief article on this , but now I think I will take my time and go into detail adding to this article here and there in my free time. This could get pretty big. So now we begin with the story of Cheri Jo bates.


                                                                    Cheri Jo Bates
                         I am doing in depth research into Cheri Bates right now and I have a post for it. I am going to do an in depth section on each victim. Then I will do a short overview here and then link the in depth posts on this page accordingly.

                                   I would start with when this all started , but who really knows when it all started. Probably with some sad traumatic childhood experience that would horrify most people to even entertain the thought of.

                      Most people never start with Cheri Jo Bates . It was October the 30th 1966 in Riverside California. The night before Halloween . 18 year old Cheri Jo Bates, daughter of Joseph Bates decided to go to the library. Cheri, didn't know it but someone was stalking her when she parked her car in front of the Riverside City College Library. He watched her go into the library. While in the library her stalker quietly opens the hood of her car and removes some distributor wires to keep the car from starting. I have asked mechanics about this. The police report says he removed a wire from the distributor. Most mechanics have told me this wouldn't keep the car from starting it would only make it miss., unless you unhook the coil wire from the distributor. When she comes back out of the library she goes to her car. Something is wrong. The car won't start.  It just so happens there is someone close by to lend a helping hand. Her killer came to her in the guise of a friend. He offers to help her fix her car. I believe this is when he removed the distributor wire. I can't say this is what happened but a far easier way and less obvious to other passersby would be just to shove a cloth or plug the tail pipe.
                                   I also read that the wire was removed from the coil. I have to do more research on this. I asked around and found out it was common to find the hood latch on the outside of the vehicle until around 1969. It would have been easy for him to get under the hood , but it just seems like it would have attracted attention. 

                Here is where speculation starts coming into play. No one knows if he forced her into his car or if she went willingly. I can tell you this. Her boyfriend said she loved her car more than anything. When the police found the car her keys were in the ignition. I ask you, "If you love your car more than anything, are you going to willingly walk off and leave the doors unlocked and the keys in the ignition?".

        I don't really like talking about this part of it. Most people take it lightly. Like it is just something happening in a movie, but its not something in a movie. This actually happened to a little girl. Someone's daughter. Someone's sister. Just remember that.

           He takes her close by between two empty houses, takes out a small knife, and hacks her to death.
        This man was never caught . Sometimes these people get an almost supernatural legend built around them. Like they are a ghost or like a shadow at night. He's not. He is just a man, and you know what they say about people who shoot other people in the back.

 There was a lot of evidence taken from this scene. I think a grounds keeper discovered the body. A timex watch that suggested the owner had a seven inch wrist size was traced back to a military px in England. There were footprints that indicated the person who committed the crime wore foot wear identical to those of Airforce personnel. A type written confession was mailed to a local newspaper by the name of "The Daily Enterprise" , and the police.

 On April 30th 1967 six months after the murder, Joseph Bates, The Press-Enterprise, and the police all received letters that were nearly identical . All were signed with a monogram that resembles a Capricorn symbol.

         Later an etching in a desktop was discovered and entered into evidence. The analysts said the writing matched the Zodiac and I will admit the f is dead on , but this is also something that any teenager could have done. If the zodiac did do this then that would suggest he was a student there at some point. That could be important in discovering who he was , but who knows.

While Cheri Jo Bates was never officially a Zodiac case it is linked to it. The evidence and pattern is similar. Later I will show you more of a pattern to it that you have never seen before and i will link the Zodiac killer to the San Mateo Slasher. I will just tell you the facts and how it fits the pattern . You can decide . 

The Faraday and Jensen Murders


Betty Lou Jensen                                                                   David Faraday

                             On the night of December 20th 1968, 16 year old Betty Lou Jensen was getting ready to go on her first official date with 17 year old , David Faraday. Note doubt both were very excited. The young couple drove out to s secluded spot on Lake Herman Road . This was just down the road from the Blue Rock Springs golf course and the future attack of Micheal Mageau and Darlene Ferrin.
                There were actually a lot of potential witnesses around the scene during this attack. I will come back an insert more details on the witnesses later/ The killer only had a 5 to 8 minute window to commit the crime and split the scene. There were a couple of hunters , people on their daily commutes, and others out and about. I will enter more detail about these witnesses later , but through these reports the police were able to calculate this time frame. It just kills you because it is so close but yet so far.

          The two teenagers were shot to death.................................for no reason.
         It is interesting though that this happened right down the road from a golf course. Like the murder of Paul Stine. Has anyone ever noticed this murder happened right across the street from a golf course? Darlene Ferrin was shot in the parking lot of the Blue rock springs golf course. Even Lake Berryessa  and Cherri Jo Bates had golf courses near by in the area. Then in 1976 a bunch of murders occur on or near golf courses in San Mateo. They called them the Gypsy Hill killings. In all of these attacks the young girls had car trouble just like Cherri Jo Bates. The FBI just linked the San Mateo Slasher to a murder in Nevada through DNA.

                                                             At the Crime Scene

                                                                David Faraday's Funeral

                     (insert police reports showing the time frame of jensen/faraday murders here)

                                                    The Ferrin/Mageau Encounter

          Darlene Ferrin                                                                                  Micheal Mageau      

 July 4th, 1969. Lets picture the mood. Fireworks going off. Parties beyond parties are forming. You could probably smell someone barbequing somewhere. Everyone is getting out, going somewhere, and having a good time. I mean it is July 4th in California in 1969. I can only imagine.

                   Micheal Mageau is only 19 years old. I don't know a lot about Micheal , but he was probably just a dude. Just like any other young man. Taking it day by day and probably looking for some fun. Who can blame him, I would be to.
                   He meets up with 22 year old Darlene Elizabeth Ferrin. She is a little bit older than him but not much. Darlene is also married and her husband was a suspect for a time , but was quickly cleared. Maybe Micheal and Darlene was just friends and Maybe they were more. Its not really any of our business. I think the locations of the attacks are what is important. I think they were locations he frequented near golf courses and the murders were just based on opportunity.
                        Zodiac may or may not have know Darlene. I know when i would run around with my friends we would go to places that were familiar to us that we felt safe in. The fact that Darlene chose to go to that spot with Micheal means she felt safe there and it was probably a place she frequented. It is a parking lot surrounded by a golf course. I would like to find out if there were any events going on that day.
             If she frequented that spot and the Zodiac frequented that spot playing golf as i suspect he might then it is possible the two had run into each other. Maybe they even talked a couple times. Wouldn't it be something if it turned out the Darlene Ferrin attack was an act of rage and jealousy. I have nothing to base this on , but anything is possible.  Micheal even said he wasn't sure if Darlene knew the car or not but she acted a little strange.
              He pulled in the parking lot and parked around 6 feet away on the left side of their car. He asked Darlene if she knew him and she acted a little weird and said " Oh never mind".

             Micheal and Darlene  were in a Chevy, Corvair. Micheal said that the other car also looked like a Corvair . Micheal said he as far as he could tell the car only had one person in it . Then it just left in the direction of Vallejo . He took off really fast . That would suggest he may have been emotional when he left . Think about it . Your boyfriend or girlfriend gets mad at you. They get in the car. What is the first thing they do. Burn the tires and take off with that song "sittin at a bar" playing in the background,
              I joke but its not funny.                                  

The night Ferrin was killer she was wearing pattern slacks. It was actually a jumpsuit from what I understand , but close enough. Zodiac also pointed this out in the first letters he sent along with the 408 cipher. The pattern was a flower pattern. here is an image of what she was wearing that night taken of the evidence that the police had. 

Below is a recreation I made, I was just playing around when I did this. I will probably make a better one when I have time and hopefully better information. It is something I will get to the bottom of (not that this small detail really matter) , but some seem to think it reason ti make a hoax plausible.

              When Zodiac sent his first letters with the 408 cipher he mentioned the girl was wearing pattern slacks in one letter and pants in another. He sent three letters with this stated in it . A man by the name of Mr. Horan  says this s proof the Zodiac killer was a hoax because Darlene was actually wearing a dress. Some say it was a jump suit. I will get the police reports and post them here and we can just see for ourselves what she was wearing. Really it doesn't make a difference and here is why. Imagine if you will.. It was dark.. the killer had limited visibility of what he was inside the car. It is not like he hung around for five minutes and checked Darlene out to see if she was wearing pants or a dress. From his perspective we know he could see she was wearing something patterned. I think he is focusing on all of the wrong things. Keep in mind all the details he gave in the letter only the killer could know. The fact he mentioned she was wearing patterned anything was something only the killer could know. It makes no difference if he got a small detail about what the item she was wearing was called wrong. After all... the Zodiac is only human...hahahahaha

                                                Hartnell and Shepard's Date With Destiny

             Bryan Hartnell

                                                  Ceila Shepard

                                                      To be continued. I am going to try to do a detailed job with pics of the letters and police reports.
                                      I am going to upload pictures, letters, and some police reports, in an attempt to tell the story. I am going to work on some of that tonight.

                                                                                                            Celia Shepard


          Here is a picture of the peninsula where the attack occurred. This picture was taken in 1969.

                        Still high rez color image of the Hartnell/Shepard crime scene in 1969

                      Here is a modern image of Hartnell at the crime scene. Take note of the Island.

Here is the scene as far as I can gather. Bryan and Cecelia were laying on a blanket in the are marked in the image. Bryan is facing the water and Cecelia is facing the trees when she notices a man standing behind the trees marked in the image. My god he as close. He had to have came across that little piece of land. Later I plan ti try to mark the path it was believed he took and post it here. 

                                     They were in this general area when the attack happened.  One good thing about working with all of these images is that I am getting to know the crime scenes really well. By the time I am finished with this project I will have learned a lot I didn't know.

          Here is a picture of the phone booth the Zodiac called the police from after the Hatnell/Shepard attack at Lake Berryessa.Officer David Slaight answered this call. They had a small office and when the the dispatcher took thier lunch break one of the officers would fill in for them during this time. Zodiac called and said , " I want to report a murder, no.. A double murder". I ended the call by saying , "I am the on that did it". and then he leaves the phone off the hook and does not hang it up. Mr. Slaight  said he could hear voices in the back ground and traffic. So people were around when this call was made. I little known fact of how they traced this call. He called the operator for a trace . While this was going on a journalist heard about the call over a police scanner and started driving around town to each phone booth saying. "can you hear me? can you hear me?" That was how they found the phone. No one touched the phone after the killer made this call. They got prints off the phone which have never been identified. They stated that some were so fresh that they had to artificially dry them to take the prints off the phone. These pictures were  taken at the scene in 1969.

                 Some might look at this and think , " why did this idiot make the phone booth red". Well younger people might think that. Old rotary phone booths were actually red not blue. A lot of things that most are used to today used to be different colors back in the day. Here is an example of an old rotary phone booth. I just saw one in the movie War Games, I will take this down later.

         Here is a shot from the movie War Games of an old rotary phone booth used in it .I know phone booths used to be red instead of blue so I made the phone booth red. Either way it is better than black and white. Later I will take these photos down.


    I know prints were found on this phone. I saw one documentary made some years ago that claimed no usable prints were found on this phone, but I know there were. In different interviews I have seen with the actual officers involved , they stated they got prints from this phone. They stated they got a good palm print from the phone. It is just unknown whether they belonged to the killer, but odds are pretty good they did. Zodiac stated that sometimes he wore rubber cement over his fingers to keep from leaving prints. I don't think that would have been the case this day, but at the lake he was wearing gloves. Though he probably took them off after the attack and this would have also been impractical to wear gloves to dial the phone. There is another place they found a palm print . From one of the letters the Zodiac sent. The Exorcist letter. I wonder if any of the prints they found at the various crime scenes, letters, and other sources matched each other. No doubt they were compared. I wonder if anyone out there has the results from this comparison. Here is the palm print found on the "Exorcist" letter sent by the Zodiac.


                                                             Bryan Hartnell in the hospital

              I am always on the look out for better quality images to colorize. Below were a couple I found that were just a little bit better quality and the precious two I worked with of Celia Shepard and Bryan Hartnell.


                                                              Paul Stine

                                                                 Inspector Dave Toschi

                                   Police following a bus after threats against them were made.

Here something I m going to work in later when I get to it. The Zodiac wanted poster.


                                                                     Bryan Hartnell
                                                                 at KGO-TV Studios


        Bryan Hartnell at KGO-TV at the Dunbar show in San Francisco trying to determine the voice of caller to Melvin Belli to see if it is indeed the man who attacked him at Lake Berryessa.

              Bryan Hartnell right and Nancy Slover left at KGO-TV studios trying to determine the voice of the caller to Melvin Belli during the Jim Dunbar Show. Nancy Slover was a police dispatcher in Vallejo that received a call from the Zodiac

                                          Melvin Belli at the Dunbar show at KGO-TV Studios


                                    I plan to put a video clip here later of the actual broadcast.


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