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Thursday, December 7, 2017

The Tim Holt Comic Issue #30 "Red Mask Meets Lady Doom and the Death Wheel"


You can click the link below to check out the eBook that has the most important aspects of this site along with many other things that you will not find posted anywhere on the internet. 

The Tim Holt Comic Issue #30 "Red Mask Meets Lady Doom and the Death Wheel"

 The Holt comic is something I have been interested in for a while but I never did any work on it. I had heard about it while i was doing work on my 340 theory but i never read it. That was intentional because if there are any things in the comics that may pertain to my work.... I wanted to find it out in a natural process. Even though I had heard about it today is the first time I ever read the whole comic or studied it in any detail.  It turns out this "Death Wheel" in the comic could have something to do with the wheel like thing I found on the 340 cipher.They do resemble each other and it goes back to the connection between the 340 code and the Halloween card. We will see.  I will do posts on this later but if you don't know what I am talking about then go read sections 1 through 8 on the main page.  This comic just shows us one more element to the Zodiac's personality and who he was. He obviously read these comics and we know he read this one in particular. It goes along with the list of things we know influenced him and may give us more insight on who he was and maybe more clues to his codes. I am going to read all of the comics but right now I think it is important to have this whole comic in its entirety out there for anyone to read. It goes on the list with "Charlie Chan" , "The Mikado", "Batman" , "The most Dangerous Game" and many other shows,movies, comics, books, plays. items. etc..., that were things that interested him. We need to list all of these things and study them. Build our own profile based on what we know from what he has told us about himself either "knowingly or unkowingly" . I think to understand him better we have to see these things for ourselves in their entirety. So this post is just going to be the whole Holt Comic and nothing else. 

So for your viewing and reading pleasure I give 
the Tim Holt Comic Issue #30 "Red Mask Meets Lady Doom and the Death Wheel"

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