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Saturday, December 16, 2017

Odds n Ends examples


                              The things I have seen Zodiac do I have seen before in things I did when I was a child. I have seen them in games , toys , and books I had when I was a child. Even the overlays I have shown I have seen before. I was one just like the ones I believe he sent when I was in the second grade I think. It was in one of our reading text books. I am attempting to find a copy. That school I went to was closed down when I was in the 6th grade. I am willing to bet in a room somewhere in that school one of those books can still be found. The lady that owns the building recently died. She would have probably let me go in and look but I don't know now. One day we may see. I am still looking for it or something like it online. I still remember the instructions to send a secret messsage you must draw boxes then hide them in a picture. Then write your secret message according to those boxes then write a letter around your secret message disguising it. I will never forget it.

 I have recently found some of the other books I had as a child that had other things similar to things I have seen Zodiac do. These books were printed in the 1960's and came along with World Encyclopedias. I also offer them as proof of the second grade reading text book that I saw ....and will eventually find...or something like it. There is proof of what I describe in history and I have shown them but I want to find and show the exact thing I was that instructs making boxes, hiding them in a picture and sending a secret message around that picture. For now I want to offer these to you ..the reader.. I think you will find it interesting. Zodiac was into comic books, movies and other common things of entertainment of his time. I am willing to bet things like what I describe can be found in some comic book, movie, or something from a time when people actually had to use their imaginations. This will be the first time these images will ever be shown inline. These books came in a set of 15 along with World Encyclopedias. All the things I am about to show you came from book 9. First I am going to try to get these in the right order and organized then I will add the similar things Zodiac did along with proof and why. A few things I will post at the end are unrelated just because ...well because they are cool. I had to post these straight from my camera and it will take some time to get everything straight. Like I said all the images here are just from one book. After I get them all added and straight I still have 14 more to go through. I read all of these when I was a kid and I wish I could post everything in them but I can't . Like right now I just picked one of them up and the first page I tuned to was about where the alphabet comes from and tricks you can do with letters. It has a whole section on turning letters into pictures with one that looks very familiar. We will just have to wait til I get everything else done then I will start going through them all and adding more.


                         This is why I started reading these when I was a kid. Someone showed this to me and I thought it was the coolest thing ever. I actually built this and then I read everyone of these books. Its no Zodiac related but what the hell.

    There are some very cool things in these books and I wish I could show it all but I can't. Tbe internet rendered books like this obsolete and doomed them to extinction. It is funny though because the things I need to find ...there isn't very much about it on the internet. There has been more added since I first started this. Its funny though ..I haft to look for in book for something the mighty internet doesn't have. All that being said if anyone knows of anywhere on the net that has pdf's of elementary school reading books from the 60's , 70's and 80's please let me know. I was in school in the 80's but I am pretty sure we were using books from the 70's. Probably made by Rand Mcnally.


See these books. I am finding a lot of relevant things in them, but I can only do so much at a time . 


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