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Monday, November 9, 2015

The Blade and Chalice

            This is going to be a short post , but it points out something that I think needs to be pointed out to its self. This is something that just occurred to me and I wanted to make a note of it before it slipped my mind. I remind everyone that clues could have more than one meaning and hint to more than one thing.

         Someone realized something about the two skeletons on the Zodiac Killer Halloween card. One is male and one is female. I found this on That was a really good catch and god eyes to who ever caught that. The female skeleton had a pumpkin over her womb. Would you believe this is not the only sign of male and female on the card.


                                           The pumpkin covers the womb of the female.

I can't believe I never realized it before. I have to admit it never sank in until I was walking by and a commercial was on for the the Davinci Code. It was the scene where they explained the blade and chalice. aka Square and Compass.  It was my opinion that the strange symbol on the card is a clue to something and that it forms a Masonic square and compass...other wise known as......the blade and chalice or make and female... The Blade is the symbol for male and the chalice forms the shape of the womb and is the symbol for female. That is two times this hint is repeated on the card alone.


      I may add to this more at a later time if I have any more thoughts or run across anything else.
                There is plenty of info out there on the history of this if anyone is curious.

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